With the Globe staging plans finalised, more tickets will now become available to the public for all nine public Eurovision shows. Host broadcaster SVT has announced that over 1000 tickets per show will be made available for public sale on Monday.

The second wave of tickets will be made available at 10:00 CET on Monday 29th February at AXS.com.

The first ticket release took place in November, with the grand final selling out within an hour. Fans reported frustration as the ticketing system struggled to cope with the heavy demand, with many annoyed at being stuck in the “waiting room of death” on the ticketing website.

The new tickets will be available to all nine public shows – the three broadcast shows and the two public rehearsals before each show.

The jury rehearsals of the two semi-finals will also include live performances from the Big 5 countries, which will then be used as a preview during the live semi-final shows.

It’s not known if there will be any further ticket releases after this, but it has long been rumoured that the nearby Tele2 Arena may be set up as some sort of overflow seating, with the song contest projected on a screen.

Eurovision 2016 public shows

Semi-final 1

  • Semi-final 1 jury show, 9th May 21:00 (performances from France, Spain and Sweden)
  • Semi-final 1 dress rehearsal, 10th May 15:00
  • Semi-final 1 live broadcast, 10th May 21:00

Semi-final 2

  • Semi-final 2 jury show, 11th May 21:00 (performances from Germany, Italy, United Kingdom)
  • Semi-final 2 dress rehearsal, 12th May 15:00
  • Semi-final 2 live broadcast, 12th May 21:00

Grand final

  • Jury final, 13th May 21:00
  • Final dress rehearsal, 14th May 13:00
  • Grand final live broadcast, 14th May 21:00
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8 years ago

I think it will be almost full. The first wave for the semi-finals was totally sold out. I believe it will be like Vienna. They will select the right camera-angles to look it full crowded 😉

8 years ago

How have the sales been going for the semi-finals? Will the Globen be full, or at least look full on TV?