After finishing first in our poll and second only to Doinita Gherman with our Wiwi Jury, we wanted to hear more from Lidia Isac ahead of her appearance in the second semi-final in Moldova tonight. We asked her about the story behind her song “Falling Stars”, her main competitor Doinita, but also about those corruption rumours.

In a video reply to our interview inquiry, Lidia kindly answered to all of our questions despite her busy schedule this week.

Lidia Isac told us that she is happy to do rehearsals because she gets to practise her song. With regards to the birth of “Falling Stars”, she disclosed that she was in Vienna for Eurovision as a journalist last year when she was approached to do a song with Polina Gagarina’s team behind “A Million Voices”. Thanks to the internet, the collaboration was easy.

We also asked Lidia whether she feels pressure or confidence because of her status as a frontrunner, to which she replies that she feels both. She is also excited that her song is successful on social media and that it is getting airplay on the radio.

The singer also brushed off the allegations that her team would be “friends” with the Moldovan jury, saying that rumours are usual in the Eurovision Song Contest and it’s human nature. As to our question whether Doinita Gherman is a rival or a friend, she said that her main competition is not her rival, but a nice and funny girl. She ends the interview with a message to our wiwibloggs readers: “Listen to good music, because music makes this crazy world better.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Thank you Lidia, and best of luck tonight!

Lidia Isac will perform second in tonight’s second semi-final of O melodie pentru Europa 2016. The semi-final will be broadcast tonight from 18:40 CET live on the TRM website.

Second Semi-final running order

  1. Rodica and Ivan Aculov – “Stop lying”
  2. Lidia Isac – “Falling Stars”
  3. Cristina Pintilie – “Picture of love”
  4. Diana Brescan – “Till the End”
  5. Max Fall feat Dan Vozniuc & Malloy – “Game lOVER”
  6. Andrei Ionita & Onoffrei – “Lie”
  7. Felicia Dunaf – “You and Me”
  8. Nadia Mosneagu – “Memories”
  9. Big Flash Sound – “Când vrei”
  10. Anna Gulko – “Never let go”
  11. Beatrice – “Saved my heart for you”
  12. Vitalie Todirascu – “Belladonna”

Eight acts advanced to the final from the first semi-final. The national final will take place on Saturday evening from 18:40 CET and will also be broadcast live on

What are your thoughts about Lidia Isac’s song “Falling Stars” and her chances to win the Moldovan selection? Sound off below!


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8 years ago

Lidia or Doinita should win! both are great performers with good songgs! Good luck !!