Lithuanian musician Andrius Pojavis, who represented his country in 2013 with the song “Something”, has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the production of his new album, Seven. He’s aiming for €6,000 by mid-April and is already one-sixth of the way there.

As the 2016 Lithuanian national final ploughs on into its eighth week of endless eliminations, it’s tempting to think back to the simpler times of 2013, when a traditionally structured national final saw Andrius Pojavis win with his song “Something”, that he went on to perform in Malmö.

Now he’s back in the studio, working on his second album, Seven. It follows his debut album Astuoni – which took its title from the Lithuanian word for eight.

As Andrius explains on his Kickstarter page:

“I took a deal with a great arranger and booked a serious recording studio and 5 professional musicians for my new album. Everything is prepared and ready to start. After two years writing and working on the songs, I’m really exited to begin this record and I’m looking forward to listen the new album.”

Interested backers can start off with an €18 pledge, which will give them an autographed copy of the new album, as well as a digital download.

At the other end of the scale, anyone who is willing to splash out with €6000 or more, gets to enjoy dinner with Andrius. He’ll fly to your city (in Europe) and serenade you with an acoustic performance of some of his songs. Oh, Andrius!

If you want to have dinner with Andrius – or just throw him a few euros – head over to his Kickstarter page.

Sounding good, sugar!

Alex Larke crowdfundin
Alex Larke: one baby, two dogs and a funded album

This follows the successful crowdfunding campaign that Electro Velvet singer Alex Larke ran to raise funds for the solo album he will record while Electro Velvet is on hiatus.

In early February, Alex reached his funding goal and will be able to complete his debut album. In a short celebration video, he said he was very happy to have reached the target, as recording album was a lifelong dream of his. He said it was something that had only been made possible through his involvement in Eurovision and the support he received through that.


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8 years ago

I wish I had 6000 Euros I could to use for that…

Mei International
Mei International
8 years ago

He was HORRIBLE in 2013. He OWES europe for letting him qualify. SMH