Today the rehearsals for the last semifinal of Melodifestivalen 2016 take place in Gävle. Ahead of them, we asked you which of the seven acts competing in the fourth semifinal you are most excited for. Now it’s time to go through the results.

Molly Sandén has won in a landslide, earning 46.25% of the votes. The bookies feel the hype: Molly is still the big favourite to win the whole contest on March 12.

In second place is another Molly and a couple of her friends — it’s Dolly Style. Last year they introduced themselves for us with “Hello Hi” and this year they’ll be taking us on a ride with “Rollercoaster”. Y’all handed them 23.54% of the votes.

In third and fourth place are more Melodifestivalen returnees. With 10.34%, it’s Linda Bengtzing in third. She is competing for the sixth time, but is still yet to win. Maybe she will have to wait for her seventh try just like Sanna Nielsen?

Melodifestivalen 2014 finalist Panetoz is on the fourth with 7.25% of the votes. If these were the actual Melodifestivalen results, they would be the last act to stay alive, advancing to Andra Chansen. It would, of course, mean that Frans, Eclipse and Martin Stenmarck are your picks to go home.

Which Semi-Final 4 act are you most excited for? (Results)

  1. Molly Sandén with “Youniverse” 46.25% (389 votes)
  2. Dolly Style with “Rollercoaster” 23.54% (198 votes)
  3. Linda Bengtzing with “Killer Girl” 10.34% (87 votes)
  4. Panetoz with “Håll om mig hårt” 7.25% (61 votes)
  5. Frans with “If I Were Sorry” 5.47% (46 votes)
  6. Eclipse with “Runaways” 3.57% (30 votes)
  7. Martin Stenmarck with “Du tag mig tillbaks” 3.57% (30 votes)

Total Votes: 841

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Photo: Janne Danielsson/SVT

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7 years ago

She can sing live so its about the performance. This year melodifestivalen is quite unpredictable unlike 2015. For now its a battle between Molly Sandén, Oscar zia, Ace Wilder, Isa, Molly Pettersson Hammar, Wiktoria and Robin.

1. Molly Sandén
2. Wiktoria
3. Oscar zia
4. Ace wilder

7 years ago

I think she most probobly will qualify for the final. But I’m not sure if she’s going to win the whole thing. This year there are more than one or two candidates for winning. But I think Oscar Zia, Robin Bengtsson and Wiktoria have gotten the best
response. We’ll see about Molly.