After yet another great show in Chisinau, eight more acts advanced from the second semi-final of O melodie pentru Europa 2016 tonight. Lidia Isac has won the show with 17 points and is is among Moldova‘s National Final line-up of 16 acts who will battle it out for a ticket to Stockholm on Saturday, while Felicia Dunaf was saved by the viewers during the aftershow.

Jury scores

Big Flash Sound and Nadia Mosneagu tied for first place, with the former breaking the tie with more 12 points than the latter.

Jury SF 2 Moldova 2016

The televotes

Lidia Isac overwhelmingly won the televote, with 1,425 votes. The second placed act Rodica & Ivan Aculov had 1,041 votes, while Max Fall and his band got 579 televotes. Surprisingly, the jury’s darling Big Flash Sound got 0 points from televoting.

Televoting Moldova SF 2

Combined results

Despite a poor result with the jury, viewers propelled fan favourite Lidia Isac to first place, with Nadia in second and Max Fall in third.

Combined results SF 2 Moldova 2016

The last eight finalists

  1. Lidia Isac – “Falling Stars”
  2. Nadia Mosneagu –  “Memories”
  3. Max Fall feat. Dan Vozniuc & Malloy – “Game lOVER”
  4. Cristina Pintilie – “Picture of Love”
  5. Rodica and Ivan Aculov – “Stop Lying”
  6. Big Flash Sound – “Cand vrei”
  7. Andrei Ionita & Onofrei – “Lie”
  8. Felicia Dunaf – “You And Me” (saved by the viewers during the aftershow)

The finalists drew their running order on stage as follows: Andrei Ionita & Onofrei -7, Max Fall feat. Dan Vozniuc & Malloy – 14, Nadia Mosneagu – 9, Big Flash Sound – 5, Lidia Isac – 4, Rodica and Ivan Aculov – 10, Cristina Pintilie – 8, Felicia Dunaf – 16.

Beatrice, Diana Brescan, Vitalie Todirascu and Anna Gulko did not qualify and will watch the national final from home.

During the aftershow, Felicia Dunaf claimed that Anna Book copied her song. Anna Book was disqualified from the Swedish selection when it was discovered that her song had been submitted, with different lyrics, to the Moldovan selection in 2014.

The interval act was alternative rock group Gandul Matei, fronted by former jury chairman Nicu Tarna. They are celebrating 20 years of existence in 2016.

The first eight finalists were selected in Tuesday’s first semi-final.

The National Final of O melodie pentru Europa 2016 will be broadcast on Saturday, 27 February, starting 18:40 CET, and will be broadcast live on

Did you watch the second semi-final? Did your favourites go through? Sound off below!


Photos: TRM

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8 years ago

Interval acts from the semifinals were SUPER GREAT! Both Gandul Matei and Aliona!

Sokratis lakrindis
Sokratis lakrindis
8 years ago

Am i the only one who looked at the results and just said – bye felicia!

8 years ago
Felix Prochain
Felix Prochain
8 years ago

Lidia looks like Miranda Otto aka Éowyn in Lotr. :/

8 years ago

He’s jewish, sorry my bad***

Either way, as the racism is growing in France this is just right in time! Well done France!

8 years ago


AMIR HADDAD (former The Voice contestant) will represent the country in Stockholm! Great news and a very good song 🙂

I believe that France is doing the EXACT right thing. A muslim representing the country is so right in time according to the situation in France atm. Amir is very talented as well, so he deserves it!

Good luck France! FINALLY you’re sending a good song!