Hungary chooses its Eurovision 2016 representative tomorrow night. Who will it be? Freddie and the Kállay Saunders Band have dominated the headlines, but Petruska or Gergö Oláh could prove to be dark horses. As always, we’ve attempted to look into a crystal ball and provide some kind of forecast for who will win. The results of our A Dal 2016 fan poll and the results of the Wiwi Jury have been combined. And it looks like Freddie will win with “Pioneer”.

1. Freddie “Pioneer”

The Positive: Oh my, this is heaven. I’m addicted to Freddie’s raw voice, which sounds really good on “Pioneer”. I’m so glad that the live version isn’t a letdown. In fact, it’s way better than expected. I like the staging and of course I like Freddie. 2014 was a great year for Hungary, but this is even better than “Running”. They’ll have another top-five entry if they choose this. (Denise)

The Negative: A million hearts, a million people? I could swear we’d heard this message before. The song isn’t that revolutionary either. The vocal, fortunately, is wondrously gravelly, laced with passion, hurt and tone that elevates an otherwise sub par production. This lacks a stand out moment though, which can be problematic when you have three minutes to make an impact. (Angus)

Wiwi Poll: 2.      Wiwi Jury: 1.  

2. Kállay Saunders Band “Who We Are”

The Positive: Apparently András was getting over a cold, which resulted in a slightly rusty vocal at the heat. But he got up there and rocked it anyway. This is my favourite song from A Dal 2016, and if it wins, it will be one of my favourites going to Stockholm. It’s energetic, it has attitude, swagger and is super catchy. I’m not crazy about his body paint and ripped shirt get-up, but Hungary can also be counted on to sort out their staging. (Robyn)

The Negative: I much prefer “Running” from 2014 to “Who We Are”. Sorry to say, but I don’t think the Kállay Saunders band is going to win A Dal 2016. András should have stayed solo. Plus, I don’t like his outfit at all. (Sinan)

Wiwi Poll: 3.      Wiwi Jury: 3.  

3. Gergö Oláh “Gyöz a jó” (Joint)

The Positive: This is the kind of ethnic dance number that slayed the pack year-after-year in the late 2000s. Something about Gergö’s vocal is truly mystical and the instrumentation makes the whole effect even more hypnotic. The water works at the end completes the magic. (Angus)

The Negative: Gergö is talented. He can dance and sing, and thank God, he shows everything to us. The roses and the sand are a bit confusing, but if I close my eyes, I can enjoy this unique song. Last year he came with a ballad, and I’m so grateful that in 2016 he is showing his other talents. This is your way! (Judit)

Wiwi Poll: 7.      Wiwi Jury: 2.  

3. Petruska “Trouble in My Mind” (Joint)

The Positive: What a cool song! I’m feeling Petruska’s attitude, but I fear that might not be enough for Stockholm. “Trouble in my mind” is a song that I could be humming to all day, and it manages to put a smile on your face after it finishes. Still, I wouldn’t vote for it. It’s sad because the guy has talent, but his song comes across as filler for a national final. A filler, not a winner (nor a killer). (Luis)

The Negative: The folksy guitar and violin make this pleasant ambient music, but the composition itself fails to imprint on your mind. The shouty chorus is a dissapointment and the speed of delivery means that a lot of the lyrical nuance is lost. Another one for the reject pile. (Angus)

Wiwi Poll: 5.      Wiwi Jury: 4.  

3. André Vásáry “Why” (Joint)

The Positive: The A Dal jury said “Why” is a typical Eurovision song and awarded high points, which was a surprise to me. I love the last part but the rest of the song didn’t leave any impression on me. The background and the violin are awesome, but it’s not enough to win a competition. (Judit)

The Negative: This is excruciating. A bizarre combination of the full spectrum of Eurovision songs, it lunges between extremes of mournful minimalist balladry and wild vocal-scaling upbeat thumper. The only moderately tolerable part of this song is the bridge and then that is spoiled by unnecessary falsetto. Way too much going on. (Angus)

Wiwi Poll: 1.      Wiwi Jury: 8.  

6. Olivér Berkes & Andi Tóth “Seven Seas”

The Positive: Along with “Fire”, this is my favourite song in Hungary and both barely scraped through. The first time I heard this, I knew the chorus — which is not repetitive — off by heart before it was done playing. That’s the sign of a truly remarkable song. Their performance was energetic and “Seven Seas” is one of the most underrated songs of the entire national final season. (Antranig)

The Negative: The first chorus promises a folk-pop anthem, but when the production actually kicks in it fails to deliver. Not an awful song, but it’s less Eurovision winner and more Kelly Clarkson demo. And they really need to tidy up their performance… it’s as if they had cabin fever! (Edd)

Wiwi Poll: 4.      Wiwi Jury: 6.  

7. Mushu “Uncle Tom”

The Positive: It’s so hard nowadays to produce something that’s completely unique – but Mushu have achieved just that! Amazing styling, interesting voice, fun lyrics: I can really see this being a dark horse as winning the whole thing (because come on, it’s A Dal – anything could happen). Although I do want a bit more colour in the backdrop. (Edd)

The Negative: Ehmn, so what is this, Hungary? A product of shitty music styles mixed together presented by guys who just scream into their mics. Yes, that describes it best. No music style behind it, no voice behind it. Nothing! (Patrick)

Wiwi Poll: 6.      Wiwi Jury: 5.  

8. Parno Graszt “Már nem szédülök”

The Positive: What an exquisite piece of folk music! This genre drives me crazy and I find her voice delicious. Everything is perfect: the changes of rhythm, the background, the dancers. I like how the Hungarian language sounds and even if I don’t understand why they start crying in the middle of the song, their emotion gets me. (Cristian)

The Negative: More folk? So dissapointing. Afer the epic, all-conquering vocally dominant opening, all the potential is squandered by the jaunty guitars and excruciating toe-tapping that defines so many songs in this year’s A Dal. The emotional intensity feels sweet, but it could have been better channelled in a different vehicle. (Angus)

Wiwi Poll: 8.      Wiwi Jury: 7.  

This comes with a few caveats. Firstly, all of the songs were reviewed by the Wiwi Jury using the performances from the opening heats. Therefore these rankings and assessments do not account for changes which might have been made during the semi-finals. Secondly, our fan poll was open to readers all over the world and included all 30 A Dal 2016 acts. Voting on Saturday’s show will be split into two stages. The first round will be 100% jury vote. Only four acts will progress to the second round, which will be 100% public vote.

You can see the full breakdown of all the results below.


A Dal 2016 combined wiwi jury poll results
Wiwi Jury Results

  1. Freddie – “Pioneer” (8.32)
  2. Gergö Oláh – “Gyöz a jó” (8.2)
  3. Kállay Saunders Band – “Who We Are” (7.4)
  4. Petruska – “Trouble in My Mind” (6.39)
  5. Mushu – “Uncle Tom” (6.23)
  6. Olivér Berkes & Andi Tóth – “Seven Seas” (6.21)
  7. Parno Graszt – “Már nem szédülök” (5.17)
  8. André Vásáry – “Why” (3.15)

A Dal 2016 Fan Poll

  1. André Vásáry – Why (546 votes)
  2. Freddie – Pioneer (302 votes)
  3. Kállay-Saunders Band – Who We Are (258 votes)
  4. Andi Tóth & Olivér Berkes – Seven Seas (91 votes)
  5. Petruska – Trouble In My Mind (50 votes)
  6. Mushu – Uncle Tom (41 votes)
  7. Gergo Oláh – Gyoz a jó (32 votes)
  8. Parno Graszt – Már nem szédulok (11 votes)

The poll also included acts which were eliminated in the heats and semi-finals. Here is the full ranking:

  1. André Vásáry – Why 23.51% (546 votes)
  2. ByTheWay – Free to Fly 21.66% (503 votes) Eliminated Semi One
  3. Freddie – Pioneer 13.01% (302 votes)
  4. Kállay-Saunders Band – Who We Are 11.11% (258 votes)
  5. Andi Tóth & Olivér Berkes – Seven Seas 3.92% (91 votes)
  6. Ív – Love Kills Me 2.37% (55 votes) Eliminated Heat Three
  7. Petruska – Trouble In My Mind 2.15% (50 votes)
  8. Szilvia Agárdi – It is Love 2.11% (49 votes) Eliminated Semi One
  9. Anna Patai – Colors 1.94% (45 votes) Eliminated Heat Two
  10. Reni Tolvai – Fire 1.94% (45 votes) Eliminated Semi One
  11. Karmapolis & Szécsi Bobe – Hold On To 1.89% (44 votes) Eliminated Semi One
  12. Passed – Driftin’ 1.85% (43 votes) Eliminated Semi Two
  13. Mushu – Uncle Tom 1.77% (41 votes)
  14. Odett – Stardust 1.42% (33 votes) Eliminated Heat One
  15. Gergo Oláh – Gyoz a jó 1.38% (32 votes)
  16. Petra Veres-Kovács – Singing Peace 1.16% (27 votes) Eliminated Heat One
  17. Juli Horányi– Come Along 0.86% (20 votes) Eliminated Heat Three
  18. Benji – Koteltanc 0.65% (15 votes) Eliminated Semi One
  19. Viki Singh – Katonák 0.6% (14 votes) Eliminated Heat Three
  20. Jázmin Torok – Power of Love 0.6% (14 votes) Eliminated Heat One
  21. Egy Másik Zenekar – Kene kozos kep 0.56% (13 votes) Eliminated Semi Two
  22. Laci Gáspár – Love and Bass 0.56% (13 votes) Eliminated Semi Two
  23. Maszkura és a Tucsokraj – Kinek sírjam 0.56% (13 votes) Eliminated Two
  24. Parno Graszt – Már nem szédulok 0.47% (11 votes)
  25. Nika – Beautiful Love 0.43% (10 votes) Eliminated Semi Two
  26. Bálint Gájer – Speed Bump 0.39% (9 votes) Eliminated Heat Three
  27. C.E.T. – Free 0.34% (8 votes) Eliminated Heat Two
  28. Group’n’Swing – Szeretni fáj 0.34% (8 votes) Eliminated Heat Two
  29. Fatima Mohamed – Ott leszek 0.26% (6 votes) Eliminated Heat One
  30. B the First – You Told Me That You Loved Me 0.17% (4 votes) Eliminated Semi Two

Total Votes: 2,322

What do y’all think of the results? Is Freddie a sure fire winner or could we be on course for an upset. Let us know below.

The A Dal 2016 begins at 19.40 CET and will be streamed on MTVA Live.


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6 years ago

On my scorecard, anyone, other than the Kállay-Saunders Band, Petruska, Freddie or Gergo, will most likely not qualify.

6 years ago

I just listened to all 8 (original audios, not the show performances); and I must go with András (once again) and his band with “Who We Are”. I have Petruska for 2nd, Freddie for 3rd and Gerg? for 4th.

6 years ago

Ha ha the men are dominating the Hungary selections. I personally like Oláh Gerg?’s song the most. I little disappointed in Kallay’s song entry. Not as good as running and the staging doesn’t seem family friendly.

6 years ago

I hate all of them. Boggie was so much better, she was my 3rd.

6 years ago

Please not Freddie’s boring song.
It is my favourite final. KSB, Petruska, Mushu and Gergo!
To end up with Pioneer as a winner? Yuck!

6 years ago

That “Gyoz a jó” crap is absolutely atrocious, there’s no way you can send that… Not when you have one of the 2 strongest NFs this season, Petruska, Freddie, Kallay and MUSHU all in the same final…

6 years ago

Anyone but André

6 years ago

If Freddie wins, he will fly straight to my number 1 and stay there. Pioneer is awesome!

6 years ago
This version must go to Stockholm!

6 years ago

It is very important to select first version of “Pioneer”!!!

6 years ago

For me Gergo is better option for Hungary than Freddie or Kallay. Because Gergo have different song of all songs at Eurovison 2016 , that wilii be plus for juries and tv viewers . If they choose Freddie or Kallay , they wili be flop because we have many male atractive singer with simillar better song than Freddie song, like Just from Latvia, Juri from Estonia, Oscar or Robin from Sweden , maybe Sergey have betters song.

6 years ago

OK, Freddie is your usual hot guy with the most bland song whatsoever…I hope that that song wont even be near Stockholm.

People, vote with your ears, not your eyes. Hahahha