The hype surrounding Molly Sandén has been non-stop since November and tonight she’ll finally show us if it’s justified during Semi-Final 4 of Melodifestivalen 2016. Following endless rumours of a return, then a bookies fan wank and then the pre-mature leak of her song “Youniverse,” Molly remains at the front of everyone’s minds.

So it isn’t exactly a surprise that, when we asked you who had the best 30-second rehearsal snippet, you threw your weight behind Miss Danny Saucedo, err, Molly. She earned a staggering 38% of all votes in our 24-hour flash poll. wiwibloggers Padraig, Sami and William were not impressed with her snippet — see their reaction video below — but you threw your love behind her anyway.

  1. Molly Sandén with “Youniverse” 38.25% (236 votes)
  2. Dolly Style with “Rollercoaster” 18.96% (117 votes)
  3. Frans with “If I Were Sorry” 13.94% (86 votes)
  4. Panetoz with “Håll Om Mig Hårt” 12.16% (75 votes)
  5. Eclipse with “Runaways” 7.46% (46 votes)
  6. Linda Bengtzing with “Killer Girl” 6.65% (41 votes)
  7. Martin Stenmarck with “Du Tar Mig Tillbaks” 2.58% (16 votes)

Total votes: 617

Melodifestivalen Club: Audience poll

Of course, it’s hard to judge acts 100% accurately based on short snippets. Thankfully Sweden’s Melodifestivalen club conducts an audience poll after the dress rehearsal every Friday evening. Their results paint a very different picture, suggesting that Molly isn’t sitting so pretty. (And part of that may be because her “wind machines” — aka household fans — are visible at the front of the stage — WTF?).

Molly Sanden Melodifestivalen 2016 Youniverse

Based on their results it’s teen dream Frans who will storm to victory — and in a landslide.

  1. Frans – If I Were Sorry: 226 votes (52.2%)
  2. Molly Sanden – YOUniverse: 62 votes (14.3%)
  3. Panetoz – Håll Om Mig Hårt: 53 votes (12.2%)
  4. The Eclipse – Runaways: 35 votes (8%)
  5. Dolly Style – Rollercoaster: 34 votes (7.9%)
  6. Martin Stenmarck – Du Tar Mig Tillbaks: 12 votes (3%)
  7. Linda Bengtzing – Killer Girl: 10 votes (2.3%)

Based on the audience poll, Molly would finish second — though Panetoz is very close behind, suggesting they could force her to Andra Chansen. The Eclipse would fill the other Second Chance spot — pushing Dolly Style, Martin Stenmarck and Linda Bengtzing out of the competition.

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7 years ago

Molly is all about FAME.. she is a favourite because of previous work not this particular song. I have heard it, it is OK but not a winner song. If she wins its 100% because of media hype and pre-show fame.

7 years ago

Wait, Frans isn’t even any better! 😉 My favourites are Dolly Style and Linda, but this is probably one of the worst semi finals in the history of Melfest…

7 years ago

1. Wiktoria
2. Isa
3. Robin
4. Ace
5. Oscar Zia

7 years ago

Yasss! Frans must go direckt till final. In fact, he has climbled quickly the Melodifestivalen’s odds, placing at 5th rigth now, after Wictoria.

My Melfest top:
1. Robin
2. Frans
3. Oscar Zia
I think it’s very possible to see one of them as the host in Stockholm, after the dissapointing performances of the fav girls…

Paul D.
Paul D.
7 years ago


I agree, Isa is kinda the only one that I care about in this Melfest and I was really surprised it made the final, but since her song is already out there it still has a chance

7 years ago

If ISA makes it to the final she will win it. It is the only song with ESC top 3 potential so far. The rest is just dogsh*t.