The hype surrounding Molly Sandén has been non-stop since November and tonight she’ll finally show us if it’s justified during Semi-Final 4 of Melodifestivalen 2016. Following endless rumours of a return, then a bookies fan wank and then the pre-mature leak of her song “Youniverse,” Molly remains at the front of everyone’s minds.

So it isn’t exactly a surprise that, when we asked you who had the best 30-second rehearsal snippet, you threw your weight behind Miss Danny Saucedo, err, Molly. She earned a staggering 38% of all votes in our 24-hour flash poll. wiwibloggers Padraig, Sami and William were not impressed with her snippet — see their reaction video below — but you threw your love behind her anyway.

  1. Molly Sandén with “Youniverse” 38.25% (236 votes)
  2. Dolly Style with “Rollercoaster” 18.96% (117 votes)
  3. Frans with “If I Were Sorry” 13.94% (86 votes)
  4. Panetoz with “Håll Om Mig Hårt” 12.16% (75 votes)
  5. Eclipse with “Runaways” 7.46% (46 votes)
  6. Linda Bengtzing with “Killer Girl” 6.65% (41 votes)
  7. Martin Stenmarck with “Du Tar Mig Tillbaks” 2.58% (16 votes)

Total votes: 617

Melodifestivalen Club: Audience poll

Of course, it’s hard to judge acts 100% accurately based on short snippets. Thankfully Sweden’s Melodifestivalen club conducts an audience poll after the dress rehearsal every Friday evening. Their results paint a very different picture, suggesting that Molly isn’t sitting so pretty. (And part of that may be because her “wind machines” — aka household fans — are visible at the front of the stage — WTF?).

Molly Sanden Melodifestivalen 2016 Youniverse

Based on their results it’s teen dream Frans who will storm to victory — and in a landslide.

  1. Frans – If I Were Sorry: 226 votes (52.2%)
  2. Molly Sanden – YOUniverse: 62 votes (14.3%)
  3. Panetoz – Håll Om Mig Hårt: 53 votes (12.2%)
  4. The Eclipse – Runaways: 35 votes (8%)
  5. Dolly Style – Rollercoaster: 34 votes (7.9%)
  6. Martin Stenmarck – Du Tar Mig Tillbaks: 12 votes (3%)
  7. Linda Bengtzing – Killer Girl: 10 votes (2.3%)

Based on the audience poll, Molly would finish second — though Panetoz is very close behind, suggesting they could force her to Andra Chansen. The Eclipse would fill the other Second Chance spot — pushing Dolly Style, Martin Stenmarck and Linda Bengtzing out of the competition.

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Molly is all about FAME.. she is a favourite because of previous work not this particular song. I have heard it, it is OK but not a winner song. If she wins its 100% because of media hype and pre-show fame.


Wait, Frans isn’t even any better! 😉 My favourites are Dolly Style and Linda, but this is probably one of the worst semi finals in the history of Melfest…


1. Wiktoria
2. Isa
3. Robin
4. Ace
5. Oscar Zia


Yasss! Frans must go direckt till final. In fact, he has climbled quickly the Melodifestivalen’s odds, placing at 5th rigth now, after Wictoria.

My Melfest top:
1. Robin
2. Frans
3. Oscar Zia
I think it’s very possible to see one of them as the host in Stockholm, after the dissapointing performances of the fav girls…

Paul D.
Paul D.


I agree, Isa is kinda the only one that I care about in this Melfest and I was really surprised it made the final, but since her song is already out there it still has a chance


If ISA makes it to the final she will win it. It is the only song with ESC top 3 potential so far. The rest is just dogsh*t.