As the globe continues to shrink, Eurovision alums continue to build bridges. Many artists are finding creative inspiration from other art expressions and genres. Stella Mwangi — who represented Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 — embraces this ideology. She continues to delve deeper into her East African motherland to find her voice. In her latest single, she urges her followers with a simple piece of advice: “Identify Yourself”.

“Identify Yourself”  is an anthem of self-affirmation. In life, most of us have many faces. Stella Mwangi attempts to deconstruct identities in her latest project. By sharing her own duplicity, she conveys through the lyrics how she is simultaneously the subject and object.

In a recent chat with Stella, she explained this concept further: “I am whole and I am a part. You are real and you are shadow. The mask represents the two ways we always identify ourselves both negative or positive. My message is to be positive about everything and take off the mask.”

As Stella unveils her mask, we love what we see. There is a burning fire fuelled by consciousness and intelligence in her approach to music. “Identify Yourself” marks her first project of the year. If this is a taster of what’s to come, we are eagerly awaiting the album.

Stella Mwangi – “Identify Yourself”

Stella Mwangi – “Identify Yourself” lyrics

Play dat! Plaaayy dat! Uh

The music don’t stop
It sings to an action
Who are you?
Better know your reaction

Know your work to earn your worth
Nothing on this earth measures up my worth

No more lies, I realise
Identify myself with the I
Am who I am and I ain’t for price
I’m not surprised to find out
I’m double nice, ahh!

So who I be? Who I be?
I be the one, two and three
Stay more rooted than a fig tree
I stay more rooted than a fig tree

Who are you?
Identify yourself
Who are you? A copy or original?
Testify yourself
Who are you? A copy or original?

I was before birth, no curse can change that
From a powerful source, ain’t talking monkey fact
Life is a thought, intelligence will get you through
I ask God for Christ conscious for me and you

Mikono juu NA checki niki switch flow
Hii mziki ni badili ya hakili oh
Dame wa maragua hapo ako CEO
Mungu wangu ako wetu no more Babylon

Nilikua pahali tight nika break free
Aki bubble iLi bust kama biggy-G
Crystal clear I see living in the dream
New era in the place to be seen?!

Who are you?
Identify yourself
Who are you? A copy or original?
Testify yourself
Who are you? A copy or original?

Original, original
Identify myself with the I

One for the Most High
Two for the music
Spinning in our minds
Promise never to abuse it

Life should be bright
Don’t you sleep through it
Even when you’re poppin’ that bottle
Don’t lose it

One for the people
Two for the dreams
Sometimes you gotta go through hell
To succeed

Uh, why, why, why this, why that?
Don’t ask if you’re afraid of the truth in the dark

Cos the truth don’t lie
The truth never lie
Even if it wanted to, if would be a lie

Renew your mind so we can reunite
Baby, get with the dilly

Who are you?
Identify yourself
Who are you? A copy or original?
Testify yourself
Who are you? A copy or original?


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6 years ago

Stella has been great since Eurovision. She had her very catchy, cute album Kinanda that included Haba Haba – but after that she has released very good songs in the rap genre 🙂 Would love to see her in Eurovision again With some of her New stuff 🙂

6 years ago

She has own unique style and i adore her. Her voice is amazing.
Great song!