Wiwibloggs met Molly Sandén after yesterday’s Melodifestivalen international jury rehearsal at Friends Arena in Stockholm. The jury makes up 50% of the overall vote, and the “Youniverse” singer said she was feeling the pressure. “I was a little bit nervous, [but] I gave it my all, I did my very, very best.”

She also said last night’s performance eclipsed her Semi Final 4 show: “I feel much more secure and calm now, I’m enjoying it more.”

Molly also gave us a look at her new outfit for the grand final, which is much less Egyptian Mummy and way more fab.

Watch the full interview with Molly Sandén below:

Molly Sandén – “Youniverse”

It’s all about our Youuuuniverse. #Melfest #mello #melfest2016 #melodifestivalen #mollysanden @m0llys

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5 years ago

I just LOVE Molly!!! I’m SO EXCITEEEDDDDD !!!! For tonight’s show. #GoMolly #Youniverse

5 years ago

Experienced several heartbreaks for my first year of following national finals. Poland’s Margaret (not totally a break, more like an ache), Finland’s Saara Alto/Mikael Saari, Italy’s Lorenzo Fragola (I’m aware Sanremo isn’t really a national final), and the one that hurt the most was Belgium’s Tom Frantzis with ‘I’m Not Lost’. I’m really hoping that Sweden won’t join my list with Molly Sandén and ‘Youniverse’. T___T