It’s still illegal for him to purchase alcohol in Sweden.

But that didn’t stop 17-year-old Melodifestivalen winner Frans from making a splash at the after party inside Friends Arena late on Saturday evening.

The “If I Were Sorry” singer turned up and turned out for his moment in the sun, serving laidback baller realness in a navy blue suit, which he teamed with a blue shirt with a white dove motif and his signature beanie.

A gaggle of reporters mobbed him as he entered the room, but Frans kept his cool.

As the lights flashed and the cameras rolled, he fielded questions on a small platform and then headed to the stage to crack open a bottle of champagne.

Before young Frans sprayed the audience — including our cameraman — the emcee promised us the champagne was, in fact, alcohol-free.

Then came his first live performance of his winning song since leaving Friends Arena.

Red carpet arrivals

An hour before Frans made his grand entrance, the good and the great of the Melodifestivalen world had already stopped by to sip on sweet champagne and show off their red carpet looks.

We stood at the foot of the red carpet to capture all the fabulosity, which you can see in full on our Instagram account.

“Kizunguzungu” singer SaRaha arrived early and went back-to-black— a striking contrast to her colourful stage costume.

She wore a spaghetti strap blouse which showed off her smooth decolletage, and paired it with a black ruffled skirt with mesh detailing that gave this a sheer, sexy feel.

Her black ankle boots were minimalist and curvaceous, and really helped define her stunning silhouette.

#SaRaha on the #Melfest after party #melodifestivalen

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wiwiblogger Angus nearly wet his pants when 2012 runner-up Danny Saucedo walked in with Melfest 2016 singer Molly Sandén.

He rushed to get a selfie, unaware that Molly’s healthy glow was down not just to nutrition, but also to the fact that Danny had proposed to her just moments before the party!

Before the couple could walk the red carpet, wiwiblogger William jumped in for a selfie too.

Danny pointed out that he has a very long arm so offered to shoot the pic himself.

Our @anguslquinn loving life with @dannysaucedo and @m0llys ?????????????????????????? #Mello #melfest2016

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When it was finally time to werk the red carpet, Molly appeared to suffer some sort of wardrobe malfunction, which Danny helped to sort out.

She looked like an ethereal angel, albeit one with a naughty side, as she showcased her envious curves in a black-and-gold tunic, a pair of thigh-skimming shorts and a black translucent cape.

Work the runway sweetie! @m0llys looking fierce #youniverse #mello #melfest2016 #melfest

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Viktor and Samir, who have been shirtless more than they have been fully clothed in recent weeks, dressed down their suits by pairing them with flowing t-shirts underneath.

As ever they were playful on the red carpet, and took quite a bit of time to set themselves up, exchanging words and joking around as they did so. 

Later in the evening, when it was time for them to reprise “Bada nakna”, we noticed Edin — a male back-up dancer — pouring water on Viktor’s gym-honed stomach. As you do…

Viktor and Samir get into position at the #Melfest after party. #mello #melodifestivalen #melfest2016

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Pros: Samir & Viktor dressed up their jeans in smart Blazers. #mello #Melfest #melfest2016 #melodifestivalen

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All of this year’s acts reprised their entries live on stage. You can watch all of them in our Melodifestivalen 2016 after party playlist.

A number of acts from previous editions of the contest also turned up and you can see some of them below. 

How gorgeous is @robinbengtssons’ wife? #Melfest #melfest2016 #melodifestivalen #Mello

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#melfest stars @sdfmusic and Nana Gronval compete for most fabulous #Melfest #melodifestivalen #melfest2016

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Red carpet arrivals at the after party. #mello #Melfest #melfest2016 #melodifestivalen

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Yassss Queen! After Dark at #Melfest after party #melodifestivalen

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She’s still got that Hunger! Hey @mollypetterssonhammar #Melfest #melodifestivalen after party

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Don’t worry. It’s alright. @acewilder #Melfest #mello #melfest2016 #melodifestivalen after party

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Sean Banan just blew up the #Melfest after party red carpet #mello #melfest2016 #melodifestivalen

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We do it Dolly Style! #Mello #Melfest #melfest2016 #melodifestivalen #eurovision after party @dollystyleofficial

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John Christian darlin, I called a psychologic institute for you, they said they will try to track you down in a white gawn which is not fabulous at all.

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Speak for yourself John Christian. None of that described Melfest and the after-party. Or the artist
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