Eurovision 2005 winner Helena Paparizou doesn’t stop. Over a decade after her Eurovision triumph, the Greek goddess proves that she has major star power with her newish break-up song “Misi Kardia” — or “Half a Heart”.

Helena sings about her feelings following a tough break up. The romance is over, but her affection lingers. Helping her ex get over it is part of her mission here. “Everything comes to an end some time,” she tells him. But she understands there isn’t an on-off switch and continues to pull on our heartstrings, explaining that he still has half of her heart. An electric guitar comes in the final third, hammering home Miss Paparizou’s pain.

“Misi Kardia” — Helena Paparizou

Helena, who seriously knows how to work her hand choreography, brings it all to life in a gritty-looking garage. She lets it all out by giving major face, whipping her hair and writhing on furniture, while he works his own choreography beside a classic red convertible. The video has a raw quality that works well with Helena’s naked emotion.

Helena has been heavily involved in Eurovision in recent years. She competed in Melodifestivalen 2014 and her song “Survivor” went on to win the OGAE Second Chance Contest. She also read the Greek votes at Eurovision 2015.

Do you love “Half a Heart” with all of your heart — or are you feeling heartbroken? Let us know in the comments below!

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8 years ago

@Ariso Light

Yeah that’s exactly what I thought, too !

Ariso Light
Ariso Light
8 years ago

I wish the country I come from, Greece, was sending this to Eurovision instead!

Steven Keenan
8 years ago

Can Greece send her every year until she becomes the next Johnny Logan please?

8 years ago

Omg Respect!My Queen,my idol!! I love her <3 <3