On Saturday, Moldova’s rising star Lidia Isac met with our very own William ahead of Amsterdam’s Eurovision in Concert. The “Falling Stars” singer took the opportunity to thank the readers of wiwibloggs for their continued support, in particular for crowning her the favourite in our Moldovan national final poll. She also filled us in on her Eurovision experience so far, dropped some teasers about her staging for May and dished on her encounter with Belarus’ Ivan.

Lidia Isac at Eurovision in Concert 2016 — Interview

So good to finally meet you!

Yes, so good! I’ve only seen you on YouTube and now I’m finally meeting you!

I saw you on YouTube, so it’s the same! When your song came out in Moldova, many people chose it as their favourite. Did you think you would win?

It was a surprise for me. But I want to thank all the Eurovision fans and the readers of wiwibloggs because I was in first place in your poll. It was awesome, thank you for your support! It’s great, I am here in Amsterdam and in two or three weeks I’ll be in Stockholm. It’s a great journey.

The studio performance in Moldova looked fantastic, but you’re going to be on a bigger stage in Stockholm. What do you have in store for us?

I can’t tell you any secrets, but it will be a little bit different from the Moldovan National Final. The size of the Stockholm stage will be bigger, with a lot more potential. It will be beautiful.

You’re going to perform third in your semi-final, which is a difficult position. Have you thought about that?

I never thought about that, but three is a lucky number!

Fantastic. Who will join you on the stage? Will there be backing vocalists, dancers?

Yes, I will have backing vocals. I don’t know about dancers, we’ll see. I know you’re trying to get more secrets about my show, but that would be telling!

You and IVAN from Belarus share a similar heritage, tell us more about it!

Yes! We met in Moscow and he told me that his great-grandmother was from Moldoa. When he was little, she taught her our national song “Ioane, Ioane”. That was great! Our’s is a big, but also such a small world at the same time.

Moldova always has crazy, memorable, wild performances at Eurovision. Do you feel pressure to live up to that?

No. You know, I just want to enjoy all of this. This experience is so beautiful, with beautiful people and positive energy. It came to my life in an instant and will be gone very fast. So we should enjoy this as much as possible. Live the moment!

Since you won O melodie pentru Europa, have you noticed a difference in your career?

Yes! I found out that Eurovision has a huge fanbase. Right from the moment that I won, I got a ton of messages and followers, which is very cool for an artist.

That’s great. Lastly, do you have a message for our readers on wiwibloggs?

Yes. Like I said, live the moment, and be the brightest star of your life!

Lidia Isac later went on to be a bright star on the Melkweg stage with her performance of “Falling Stars”.

Lidia Isac “Falling Stars” at Eurovision in Concert 2016

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7 years ago

Very dependent on staging to clinch a spot in the final. The rest of things to be considered are not high quality stuff from what I’ve seen.

7 years ago

She’s so nice! Hope she does well in Stockholm.