In her official music video for “Lighthouse”, she looks like a high fashion supermodel ready to walk an extraterrestrial runway.

But today Croatia’s Nina Kraljic shows us that her effortless glamour and glossy video is built on a lot of hard work and perseverance.

In her behind-the-scenes “making of” video — which Nina is sharing first and exclusively with wiwibloggs — we see the Croatian stunner hard at work, battling cold temperatures and plenty of water but looking fierce in every single frame.

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Nina Krajlic lighthouse croatia

The shoot begins with Nina getting into character.

We see make-up artists and hair stylists coating her feet in white, and Nina closing her eyes as stylists wield a can of hairspray.

Her beauty shines, but so too does her laid-back personality as she sticks out her tongue, sings to herself and meows like a cat.

Nina Kraljic: behind-the-scenes

Adopting a Buddha-like pose, she soon grows antsy and seeks guidance from the yoga-masters.

“All of you people meditating in this position, I would like to ask you with good intentions — How can you hold this position without wanting to die?”

Nina krajlic croatia eurovision 2016 lighthouse

The shoot moves outdoors later in the evening and Nina is bewitched by the vintage car she’ll film with.

But as temperatures plunge this Lipovljani-born beauty can’t help but feel the chill.

“E.T. wants to go home,” she says to a colleague. “I want your scarf. And hat. Everything!”

“They plan on getting me soaked. After 15, 16 hours of work.”

By now you’ve all seen the glorious video, which takes place on a dark and stormy night.

Rocking an edgy gothic look with a clear PVC raincoat, along with her trademark asymmetrical hair, Nina gazes up at the night sky, searching. She’s waiting for someone.

That someone is an alien Nina, floating in a space pod in the dark skies above.

The cosmic Nina is dressed in white with swirly shapes shaved into her hair. She’s given an other-worldly look with bold stripes of white eye makeup.

But there’s trouble coming.

Along with the rain, the authorities arrive. Nina obviously knows too much and they’ve come to take her away.

Speaking to us at the London Eurovision Party, Nina explained the story behind the video.

“We wanted to make a metaphoric message of hope, not this lighthouse and waves and stuff that people expect.”

“It has a really deep story about Nina who is having problems on this planet facing difficulties, but [the other] Nina is a connection with the universe and spirituality. She doesn’t care about everything happening out there because we are at peace.”

Nina has consistently slayed during her live performances, first in Amsterdam and then in London.

The song comes to life live and we’ve no doubt she will continue to own this in Stockholm. Are you as excited as us to see it on the big stage?

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Vote Croatia or GTFO
8 years ago

Nina is obviously synonimous of Talent. I love her, and her song.

8 years ago

Love her so much…so edgy ????

8 years ago

I just love this wonderful artist. What a great, great singer…

8 years ago

love this love nina 🙂

8 years ago

Romania is kicked out from ESC