Turkey won’t be at Eurovision in May, but its past stars continue to keep us entertained. In particular, a certain Ms Hadise Acikgoz. Can you feel the rhythm in your hearts? Because our favourite Turkish/Belgian songstress has new(ish) music for y’all to enjoy. Entitled “Bu Aralar” or “Nowadays” in English, it’s the first ballad she’s released since 2013.

Hadise “Bu Aralar”

Taken from her 2014 album Tavsiye, the music video dropped back in January. While we might be late getting around to talking about it, the clip was filmed in the sunny Caribbean nation of the Dominican Republic — so the timing is just right as we finally enter summer. It would seem that the Eurovision 2009 singer has a fondness for the balmy central American climate, as she recorded the video for her previous single “Yaz Günü” in the same location. Apparently the beautiful beaches and sun of Turkey aren’t quite good enough for our Turkish goddess!

Despite racking up over 100 million YouTube views, “Bu Aralar” suggests that the poor darling is feeling a little lonely. With lyrics like “Life is a question and I keep the secret in me.” and I am not away from you or myself, I am only strange to myself” we can’t help but think that she’s feeling a little unsettled on the relationship front. We got you, boo! You can make it through!


Mühim degil aklimdan gecenler
Kimseyi bozmaz bu düsünceler
Ne sana, ne dünyaya uzagim
Sadece kendime yabanciyim.
Bu aralar, bu aralar…

Düslerim yaptiklarima yol degil
Yollar cikiyor karsima, yol degil
Soru, soru, yasam bir soru
Cevap bende giz
Ben bende degilim, aklimda biz. (x2)
Bu aralar, bu aralar, bu aralar…

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Photo Credit: Hadise Official Facebook

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6 years ago

not her best imo

6 years ago

SHe has changed a lot since 2009… I did not like her look there… Anyway? Are you going to have good quiality videos from today MALTA ESC party? I hope it will be uploaded asap tonight 🙂