Mikael Saari has been melting hearts since 2013, when he was runner-up to Krista Sigfrieds at Finland’s UMK. Now, following another successful turn at UMK 2016, he has released his debut album The Grand Letdown. It’s a voyage through devastating heartbreak, portrayed through a mixture of country, bluegrass and folk. Mikael has been producing and recording the album since 2013, as he wanted it to be just right and exactly as he wanted. It’s a long time to wait for his first album, but well worth it!

mikael saariFirst of all, who is that heartless wench who broke his heart!? When listening to this album, one can actually feel the pain that lingers in every song and every lyric. We who love Eurovision already know the ever so emotional “We Should Be Through” and “On It Goes”, Mikael’s entries in UMK 2013 and 2016, but the album is packed with 10 other singles.

The sound has a little bit of country, a little bit of bluegrass, a subtle sound from Blackmoore’s Night and a lot of Mikael Saari. His unique voice leads us through the protagonist’s heartbreak, and all the songs tell a little story, a little moment in his journey towards healing — or self destruction The last song, “Pray For My Soul”, has some serious suicide vibes!

Despite all the songs being rock solid (especially his UMK entries) I think that after some thorough listening, there were four songs that stood out. “Revontuli” and “Kaipuvalssi” are both instrumental, and are beautiful and alluring. Then we have “Storms”, which not only has Mikael’s voice at its best, it also has a kick-ass violin solo, which for me is always a huge asset. And then we have the album’s only duet, “Dialogue”, featuring Stina Koistinen. At the beginning that song is very low key, but when they raise their voices, all hell breaks loose and it gives goosebumps all over!

“Dialogue” – Mickael Saari (lyrics)

Come, any time and lie to me
That I am the only woman you see
It doesn’t really matter if its only make believe

I can feel you every day, hear your voice in my head
I only wish I could take back, the things that I said
I only wanted to be there for you, now can’t get out of bed

Come back and greet me like you used to do
Like nothing ever happened, my love we’ll get through
We’ll fix this, believe me, just say that you do

And when I look at you
I see my future come to an end
How could it break
When we promised it would only bend?

How can you suddenly
Have nothing to say?
How can you suddenly be so blind, as walk away?
When after all that you’ve done, I still want you to stay

Can’t you see what I’m up against?
Empty promises made, never meant to be kept
Where are you now? Where’s your dignity?

And when I look at you
I see my future come to an end
How could it break
When we promised it would only bend?
When we promised it would only bend?

How could you be so blind as not to see
That you’ll never find no one as good as me?
How did I forget the smell of your skin?
How could I fail to care for your suffering?
How could you fail to see me smile?

How could you?


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6 years ago

Mikael <3 Hope to see him at the ESC stage soon 😉