Getting to Eurovision is a brutal process. Thousands of aspiring stars fall at the first hurdle, failing to get past the pre-selection of their national selection. But over the years some artists have managed to slay the pack at home and win the faith of their state broadcasters to appear not only once at Eurovision, but multiple times.

This year’s contest is no exception, as seven out of the 42 artists have graced the Eurovision stage previously. Back in April we asked you who your favourite returning artist. After counting 3,414 votes, we’re pleased to announce that Bulgaria’s Poli Genova is your winner.

The “If Love Was a Crime” singer has more than justified the result.

On Thursday she made it to the Eurovision final, becoming only the second Bulgarian act to make the final (out of 10 appearances).

Owing to financial difficulties, Bulgaria skipped the past two editions of Eurovision. The decision to come back required an act who could slay, and BNT knew that Poli — who narrowly missed the Eurovision final back in 2011 — had what it takes. Way back in November she  told wiwibloggs that she wanted to give it another go and, after lots of wrangling, she’s made it to the show.

Best Returning Artist – Full Results

  1. Bulgaria: Poli Genova with “If Love Was A Crime” (965 votes, 28%)
  2. Malta: Ira Losco with “Walk On Water” (869 votes, 25%)
  3. Iceland: Greta Salóme with “Hear Them Calling” (695 votes, 20%)
  4. Lithuania: Donny Montell with “I’ve Been Waiting For This Night” (390 votes, 11%)
  5. FYR Macedonia: Kaliopi with “Dona” (324 votes, 9%)
  6. Bosnia & Herzegovina: Deen with “Ljubav Je” (120 votes, 4%)
  7. Montenegro: Bojan with “The Real Thing” (50 votes, 1%)

So what do you think? Can Poli win Eurovision 2016? Let us know below…

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8 years ago

I reeeeally hope she wins…but number 8 at the Grand final…mmmmm…

8 years ago

Malin, are you swedish. In that case, I am swedish too. I will also vote for Italy, together with The Netherlands and (surprisingly good) Georgia

8 years ago

I Will wote for her and Italy.
BUT I think Justin Biber will wrote for Sweden and Frans! : )
That moment when Justin Timberlake meets Frans! Frans is the only artist we goes to in the greenroom. SVT and Frans had no idé.

Justin Timberlakes greeting to Frans: Did you write that song? I love that song! It’s a great song!

8 years ago

Of course her!! she came back to the contest with a BANG!! Her song this time is ×10000 more catchy than 2011 entry plus its bilingual – English verses so everyone can understand & Bulgarian chorus to add her country’s flavour to it.