Dami Im and Sergey Lazarev may have just missed out on the Eurovision trophy, but at least they managed to scoop one of the coveted Marcel Bezençon awards, which were presented by Christer Björkman and Mia Rossling in a short ceremony before the Grand Final. So did Jamala, who’ll be leaving Stockholm with a much heavier bag today.


Out of the three awards up for grabs, Jamala took home the imaginatively named “Artist Award”, given to the favourite artist of the commentators from the 42 participating countries. Last year’s winner Måns was awarded the trophy too, so maybe we should give Graham Norton and his cynical predictions more credit?

Dami’s “Sound of Silence” won the “Composer Award”, the strongest composition according to, well, the composers.

Sergey snatched the “Press Award”, given to the Press Centre’s favourite entry. (You’re welcome.)

In case you’re wondering what these awards are all about, they were introduced by Christer Björkman *surprise surprise* in 2002. They’re named after the founding father of Eurovision itself Marcel Bezençon. congratulations to all of the winners!

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stephen podesta
stephen podesta
6 years ago

Dami ims sound of silence was the best song much better than the other 2 she was robbed. 1944 is the worst song ever and lost because of block voting. SOS has sold more than the other 2 winners. Dami was robbed and the winner in 2016 will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. The hate for this song on youtube is unprecedented 40% of the views are dislikes on 1944, whereas SOS had only 6% dislikes 2nd lowest of all the songs. Really disappointed the real winner Dami im was totally robbed.

7 years ago

Jamala got new award for her song.
she’s been promoted to Honored Artist of Ukraine and will be assigned as UNICEF goodwill ambassador. and maybe it’s not last reward we’ll have for her.