On May 11, wiwibloggs hosted our very own Eurovision party — The Wiwi Jam — at the Hard Rock Café in Stockholm. Eurovision and Melodifestivalen stars turned up and turned out, working our red carpet before singing live on stage. It was a night to remember. And for all y’all heavy drinkers, it may be a night to forget…

Amir from France closed the show, singing last year’s summer hit “Golden Boy” by Nadav Guedj from Isreal. It was a celebration of his Israeli roots, but also a fantastic way to show off his smooth vocals. Amir also sang his Eurovision song “J’ai cherché” — and naturally the crowd of Eurovision fans sang along the entire time.

wiwiblogger Denise caught up with Amir on the #WiwiJam red carpet for a quick interview.

She asked him how he felt after his appearance in Tuesday’s first semi final.

“It was weird to know people all over Europe now know my song, that they saw me for the first time but I take it as a good preparation for what is going to come on Saturday and I think it is good to know what you are going to see about an artist.”

The past few years viewers have only been able to see short music video clips of the big five plus the host country in the two semi finals.

But this year SVT decided to replace the short music video clips with video clips from the real rehearsals instead to help level the playing field.

Even so, Amir says he was a little jealous that the other artists got the chance to perform live on the stage in the semi-finals.

“There is one slight difference. The artists that perform in the semi-final do it in front of a big crowd. Singing in front of a half full audience is not the same.”

“I was jealous of the people that could sing in the semi-final even though there was a chance they wouldn’t qualify. I wanted to be in the same game I don’t want to feel I am detached.”

Amir ultimately finished in sixth place, France’s best result since 2002 — and its first finish in the Top 10 since 2009.

He’s put Eurovision back on the map in France, and France back on the map at Eurovision.

This is how you slay.

Watch all of the #WiwiJam performances

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[…] just one year later Amir charmed his way to sixth place with “J’ai cherché”. That marked France’s first time in the top ten since 2009 and their best result since […]

Loin de la bas
Loin de la bas

So proud of Amir, he really puts France back in the game after many years. He also ‘modernize’ the French entry, suitable for Eurovision yet staying true to the French identity. Now I really hope that the French delegation can keep up for next year..It’s gonna be another challenge..


Both Amir and Jamala were the most authentic artistic performers I believe in … no need for over the top performances that make Eurovision a complete circus and the laughing stock of free mockery … he just used his own charisma and natural character while Jamala used her emotions and dared to makes us be aware to the fact that we have a history behind us and pretending nothing happened is not the way to live the present much less the future. Being authentic is the main key … then people will believe in you … unless you’re on a… Read more »


This is why I like Amir, the way he connects with people and the absolute joy he displays when he performs on stage. I really suggest you get his album “Au coeur de moi”, it is fantastic!

The Brightest Falling Star
The Brightest Falling Star