On May 11, wiwibloggs hosted our very own Eurovision party — The Wiwi Jam — at the Hard Rock Café in Stockholm. Eurovision and Melodifestivalen stars turned up and turned out, working our red carpet before singing live on stage. It was a night to remember. And for all y’all heavy drinkers, it may be a night to forget…

Iceland’s Greta Salome blew us all away with her stunning renditions of “Hear Them Calling” and her 2012 entry “Never Forget.”

She addressed the audience about not qualifying for the Grand Final, but it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits. She brought us everything: the violin, incredible vocals and an electric atmosphere!

Wiwiblogger Denise caught up with Greta on the #WiwiJam red carpet for a quick interview.

She asked her how she felt about the result of Tuesday’s semi-final.

“It was a surprise of course, but the response we’ve been getting, I think it comes close to winning the competition. I think this is second best because we’ve been getting an incredible response.”

She’s the first — and so far only — female composer to win Iceland’s National Selection, and 2016 isn’t the last time we’ll be seeing her on the Eurovision stage.

“Eurovision is an incredible, amazing event and I think us not qualifying yesterday and the response we got after that has just made us more excited about Eurovision.”

“Both the fans and the media have been out of this world. To hear the whole auditorium yell Iceland when they were announcing the finalists — there’s not a better feeling than that.”

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Greta finished 14th in Semi-Final 1, despite being a fan favourite throughout.

“Hear Them Calling” reached Number 1 on the Icelandic Singles Chart, and the original Icelandic language version of the song, “Raddirnar”, hit the top 3.

Iceland at Eurovision 2016

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8 years ago

Love her.