Deen, one of the biggest pop stars in Bosnia and Herzegovina, knows how to juggle social commitments. Earlier this month he drove with wiwibloggs across the border to Croatia to sail on Katina, the 27 million euro yatcht where Ana Rucner and Oliver Poole were filming their new music video. The next day he made his way to Dubrovnik to throw a pool party for his friends at the luxurious Rixos Libertas Hotel. wiwiblogger Deban Aderemi slipped into his tightest pants for the festivities, and just had to interview Deen before it all blew up.

Confident in his natural beauty, Deen wore casual clothing as we chatted by the pool on everything from his appearance on the reality series Celebrity Farm to his nude photo shoot after Eurovision 2004.

On Celebrity Farm: “Fortunately, I stayed only for one week. I was voted out after 7 days. Thank God because I didn’t want to do anything actually, and I did not. People didn’t love that, so, they voted me out. Thank you people. It’s a great experience but it’s very dirty. You don’t have water, you don’t have good food or social media. I also love to take showers a few times a day. I am a very clean person and I love to smell good. So, it’s not my cup of tea.”

On those nude images: “It was very brave of me. It happened right after my appearance at Eurovision 2004. I was recording my new CD, and I decided to do totally new photos for my campaign. It was a huge scandal in my country which is pretty much conservative, not now as much as it was, let’s say 10 years ago, but still, it was a very brave move…and I’m very proud.”

On new music: “I’ve started to record some new songs, and I’m preparing my new CD finally. It will be published in September. The title is a little secret, but I am doing really good disco tunes again.”

On being the brand Ambassador for the Bellisima fashion line: “I was working on their women’s collection for one year. Since I was studying fashion and business in Milan for five and a half years. I speak fluent Italian too. Fashion is my passion.”

On his lifestyle: “I’m working a lot. I don’t have much free time, of course…but when I have free time, I love to have parties and I love to enjoy. I am a hedonist. I love life and I love people.”


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ESC Greece
ESC Greece
7 years ago

It’s actually “I officially love him”. Sorry, English is not my native language.

ESC Greece
ESC Greece
7 years ago

I love him officially!