The man likes his drink, and we like the man with his drink!

Yes, as you might remember from the plethora of photos and videos from Stockholm, Dutch singer Douwe Bob opened the “Fool Bar” for the duration of Eurovision 2016 in May.

Songs, drinks, dancing and Douwe in one place? It made for a wild night indeed…

Now Douwe has decided to keep the party going by opening his own bar in his hometown, Amsterdam!

As the Telegraaf reports, the location of the Fool Bar remains a closely-guarded secret, but we have no doubt that when the news comes out the line will form.

Unlike in Stockholm, Douwe will not be a bartender in the Dutch Fool Bar, but it’s still exciting for him and for us.

“At home I have a kind of Fool Bar where I play music with friends and fans,” he told the paper. “I grew up in a pub, so why shouldn’t I do it myself?”

The Fool Bar is expected to be open in Amsterdam in about six weeks. Will you come visit when it does?!

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4 years ago

I like Amsterdam. I`m going to come back to this city:)

Guðrún Karlsdóttir
Guðrún Karlsdóttir
4 years ago

I would like to see him back to Eurovision one day. :>