Sara Jo Probjaj

In recent weeks she has hyped her new single by sharing pics of herself wearing corn plaits and flaunting a septum piercing, both on stage and off.

And today Serbian pop star Sara Jovanovic finally unveiled the official music video for her “Probaj” (Try), which takes her urban styling to another level.

Wearing a colourful series of hip-hugging leotards with oversized shoulders, Sara Jo bends, pops and twerks — at times channeling the African realness of Tanzanian-Swede SaRaha.

Flourescent lights, “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” graphics, spinning pineapples and close-ups of Sara Jo’s derrière — this leans toward racy Turbo-Folk and totally embraces it.

And that’s before we even mention the song. Musically this is the love child of Jelena Karlusa and Acid Betty doing Azonto.

We’re in heaven already. What makes this even better, is that Sara has promised a debut album in the near future.

It’s a far cry from the bubblegum pop and pink tutus she displayed as part of Moje 3 in Malmö. Three years on Sara has certainly found her feet—and she’s ready to stomp it out!

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6 years ago

i love Sara Jo and i have seen her live shes really good

Mei International
Mei International
6 years ago

Cultural appropriation much? This is from the same country who has people performing in black face on their version of your face sounds familiar???

6 years ago

She needs to come back as solo… or either one of the Moje 3 singers like Nevena and Mirna.