This Russian sparrow is definitely coming to get you.

Alex Sparrow — Alexey Vorobyov to all you purists — is hitting the big screens in the movie “Florence Fight Club”.

The movie, which will be distributed in Russia as “Get up and fight”,  is a collaboration between Russian and Italian directors and producers and it was shot in Florence.

Alex, who sang at Eurovision 2011 for Russia, composed all of the music that appears in the 90-minute movie. And Judging from his Instagram account, the 28-year-old heartthrob is rightly proud of that.

In what reads like a cross between “The Hunger Games” and “Fight Club”, with just a little bit of “Gladiator”, the movie revolves around an annual Florentine competition that sees teams from four Florentine districts slug-it-out in violent proceedings involving balls. The teams are called “Green”, “Blue”, “Red” and “White” and they all become embroiled in rather violent scenes reminiscent of ultimate fighting.

Alex’s character is called Sergio and he is one of the members of the team obliged to defend the honour of the district by fighting. There’s a love story, sex scenes and plenty of fist fights — a heady mix and perfect combination for the genre (and fans of Alex’s famed physique).

So no more talk about the plot. It’s time for you to watch the trailer and rate it yourself!

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7 years ago

For me he is dull whatever he does. Cannot even find an explanation for it.

Maru fr
Maru fr
7 years ago