She’s an Armenian pop star with a heart of gold and a million-dollar look.

And now we know where Iveta Mukuchyan stores some of her fortune, as she’s spent the summer as the face of Armenia’s Prometey Bank and its mobile app.

On Wednesday the “LoveWave” singer shared a Facebook post from the bank along with the caption: “Wow, our ad for Prometey Bank’s mobile banking app has more than 1.2 million views! Thank you! p.s. With my crazy schedule, Prometey Mobile has made my life so much easier! Thank you Prometey Bank.”

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Iveta, who splits her time between Germany, where her family lives, and Armenia, where she is now a household name, is beyond busy. And so the commercial captures her moving and shaking from a Yerevan park to a music studio to a rooftop bar, where she hangs with her glamorous gal pals. All the while she takes her mobile banking app with her.

Her narration goes something like this:

I’m Iveta. My daily schedule is always crazy — business meetings, endless rehearsals, recording sessions and performances. My phone is always with me: when I plan my day, talk to my friends or enjoy the evening. Here is my online life, and here is my bank — Prometey Bank. I can control my bank account with my phone anytime, anywhere, even when I’m traveling abroad…Prometey Mobile — join our online platform.

Iveta’s fans will no doubt recognise the commercial’s soundtrack — the singer’s hit “Simple Like A Flower”.

Iveta also appears on the bank’s credit and debit cards in a colourful image that conjures up Andy Warhol with its vivid yellow, pink and blue.

As humble and modest as ever, “The Voice of Germany” alum almost seemed to blush when we brought the card up during our interview with her in London last month.

“I’m the face of the Prometey Bank in Armenia and my face is everywhere in town. I’m going out and I’ve got no make-up on and I’m like, ‘Oh! I look better over there!'”

“I told them, ‘Are you really sure [about putting my face on the card]? But what if people don’t like me and they have to carry me in their wallet all the time?'”

If you’re in Armenia, do you bank with Prometey? And do you have Iveta in your wallet? Let us know below!

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