The challenge: Come together to write and produce a song in two days. The acts: Eurovision 2011 singer Anna Rossinelli and Peter Reber, the former frontman of Peter, Sue & Marc — one of the most successful Swiss bands of the 20th century. The result: “Gone Forever” — three minutes of cross-generational FABULOUS.

That’s what happened on the July 24 episode of Songmates, the Swiss reality show that is best described as a “blind date” for songwriters — albeit in the most platonic sense possible.

Producers play matchmaker, and in this instance musical director Adrian Stern definitely found a duo with chemistry.

Speaking exclusively to wiwibloggs, Anna Rossinelli explains:

“It was a very interesting collaboration especially because of the big age gap and our different approaches to songwriting. Yet we found a way to work together and write a pretty sad song.”

In fact, it’s led to another gig which will see Anna honour Peter Reber by performing one of his original compositions in another TV programme.

The song oozes melancholy from the first note to the last.

Anna’s gravely voice carries emotion well, and it’s clear she knows a thing or two about heartache.

Their voices blend smoothly like melted butter and his maturity coupled with her youth and vigour make this something special, while at the same time giving us major Pernilla Andersson vibes. (Hej, Sverige!).

The lyrics are direct and to the point — it’s the end of the road and Anna knows it: “So that’s how the story ends, no more reasons to pretend, that we both should be together, you and me, gone forever.”


I remember tears and heartache
think of how we pulled the last break
how we cried and never got a start

never thought it would be easy
if you’d go and really leave me
how we loved and how we fought so hard

So we tried until the end
till there’s nothing left to mend
cause it’s gone, it’s gone forever, don’t you see
So that’s how the story ends
no more reasons to pretend
that we both should be together, you and me
gone forever

pictures come and go they’re fading
memories for a future trading
moments disapearing at a glance

found out there is no denying
how recklessly the time is flying
we both know we never had a chance


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4 years ago

Io Senza Te remains my absolute favourite song of 1981 … but it still baffles me that music lost … to velcro and questionable female vocals … not a very feeling than the one I had during the 2000s wins …

4 years ago

Older men prefer younger women. Another proof 😉 Goodt that age doesn’t matter!

4 years ago

Nice song!

4 years ago

Cool! 🙂