In the days after Eurovision 2016, Russian songstress and Eurovision 2009 host Alsou quietly released the song “Heat of Love”.

As we slowly emerged from the post-Stockholm haze, we somehow overlooked this gem of a song — but are righting that wrong right now.

As with most of her numbers, the tone is sweet and revolves around a happy love story. Singing in Russian — it’s all smooth and elegant sounds, flowing from one to the next — she manages to transcend language with a romantic story. She encourages us to follow our heart and love that person we’re meant to be with.  

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In the video Alsou observes a couple in the throws of love and sees their relationship empower a woman to walk out of her job (and away from her very difficult boss).

If you look closely at the video you can also see that she was well along in her third pregnancy during the filming, and the song may well celebrate her own marriage — 10 years on and going strong — or the fact her third child was on the way.

As the Instagram above shows, she gave birth earlier this week and she’s over-the-moon.

“Welcome to the family, our little miracle Rafael,” she wrote in Russian on her Instagram account. “Your name is of particular importance in our family. I’m sure you’ll honourably and proudly wear it. Thank you all for your warm words and wishes.”

Alsou gave love a similar same treatment — both visually and musically — in her 2010 single “I don’t think”.

It’s already clocked more than 11.7 million views on YouTube, so we can’t blame her for returning to her tried and tested formula.

We first learned of Alsou‘s amazing talent when she finished second — should have been first! — at Eurovision 2000.

Are you a fan of Alsou’s post-Eurovision music? And would you like to see her represent Russia at Eurovision again in the future? Let us know in the comments box below!

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7 years ago

I knew nothing about ESC back then but for me her song deserved to be a winner 🙂