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In her Melodifestivalen 2016 single she sang that her heart wants her dead.

But on Friday Swedish Idol winner and rising pop star Lisa Ajax made it clear she is very much alive as she released her new single “Love Me Wicked”.

The slick, four-minute track mixes lounge, pop and R&B, and sees the 18-year-old crying out to an ex. She gives regret rhythm and has us screaming “Preach!” and nodding her heads as she does it.

“When I sing ‘Love Me Wicked’ I really get butterflies in the stomach, just as I’ve heard people get when they are in love,” she said in a statement marking the release. “I haven’t been in love myself, but I’ve been close.”

Well she could have fooled us!

As ever Lisa throws herself into the song, in which her character apologises to an ex for doing him wrong.

She’s fully aware she can’t have him back after taking him for granted: “I want to burn your sweater, but I put it on. I want to hunt you down, but I know you’re gone.”

The electro backing has a languid, end-of-summer feel, which works perfectly in capturing her personal reckoning and the terminal status of her now defunct relationship.

Lisa has had a very busy summer, working on music in the United States and performing a gigs around Sweden.

But before all that the Capital Records starlet attended our very own Wiwi Jam at the Hard Rock Café in Stockholm, debuting her single “Give Me That” and generally slaying.

Speaking to wiwibloggs on the red carpet she made it clear she wanted to take her time as she forges her identity as a singer. She’s keen to stay in control and isn’t in a rush to accept any and every opportunity thrown at her.

“I want to do a lot of stuff,” she says. “Right now I just want to release new music that represents me as an artist. That is what I want to do right now, but I have other plans for the future.”

And she’s got a very good team around her. For “Love Me Wicked” she collaborated with A-list producers Jimmy Jansson and Palle Hammarlund, who co-wrote the track with Nea Nelson.

Are you loving Lisa’s new track? And do you want to see her back at Melfest in 2017? We sure do. You can check out wiwibloggers William and Deban explaining why in the video below.

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(J)ESC Fanatic
(J)ESC Fanatic
7 years ago

I want to see her back at Melfest, she was my absolute favorite this year! #GoLisa