Last month Ana Rucner welcomed British piano prodigy Oliver Poole to Dubrovnik for World’s Music Day.

Performing on top of the city’s gorgeous Mt Srd, they filled the air with their harmonizing sounds and worked their camera angles on board the 27-million-euro yacht Katina while filming their music video.

Ana’s Eurovision buddies Deen and Dalal joined them on the yacht to support and admire their work on the new “Maximus” video. Praised by local media and loved by the team behind Bosnia and Herzegovina’s 2016 act, wiwibloggs was invited along for the ride and to interview Ana and Oliver.

Here are the highlights.

On “Maximus”: 
Ana“It’s special, it’s amazing! Maximus is the biggest concept of cello, so we just left some other world.”
Oliver: “I think this other world is full of energy and excitement. To explore the piano and cello and have fun with music and instruments … it’s great to do it here in Croatia, it’s beautiful.”

On working with each other: 
Oliver: “It’s incredible because Ana is an artist and full of incredible talents – so unique!”
Ana:  “When I came in Tbilisi, Georgia where I met Oliver, it was three years ago. He came in Dubrovnik last year, and then we met in Georgia again this year. He’s very free to make improvisations in front of the huge audience — I’m not! He said: ‘Let’s play AC/DC’s Thunderstruck!’ I said: ‘No, I can’t’ — ‘Yes, you can!’