It’s been a hectic 12 months for Alexey Vorobyov, or Alex Sparrow to you and me. Russia’s Eurovision 2011 singer released the monster hit “Sumasshedshaya” (94 million YouTube views and counting), starred in a movie, and cameoed alongside Jennifer Lopez and Ronaldo on the video for RedOne’s chart conquering “Don’t You Need Somebody”. And amidst all that, he still found time to release a slew of new singles over the summer months.

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The first of which — “Stchastliv syegodnya i zdyes” (Happy Here And Now) — landed in June. As the title suggests, Alex is perfectly content with life as it is. He has his girl, and they’re stupidly drunk in love. Everything is oh-so-sweet as they thank their lucky stars for each other. The cutesiness continues into the music video, which sees the pair meet via a makeup related car accident. Seconds later, they’re married and Alex is driving his motorcycle into the mountains, ready to declare his love to the world. A montage of humorous scenarios speckle the clip, while coos infiltrate the track. Have your dentist’s number nearby, because this is a sugar overload.

Alexey Vorobyov “Stchastliv syegodnya i zdyes” (Official Music Video)

“Jamaica” followed in July. And despite his jam-packed schedule, it’s an ode to taking it easy — just don’t call him a lazy slacker. With the help of child-singer Nick Korobov, Sparrow tells us that he doesn’t like the word “Tuesday”, and hates Mondays. But like all of us he loves the weekend. The pair invite us to come to their Jamaica, the land of “don’t worry, be happy”. The young Nick possesses an impressive pair of lungs, although one wonders whether he’ll still be able to hit those notes in a year or two. Where the track is fun, the video is highly annoying. The twosome embark on a madcap race through the town, just to get to a bakery. The boy tackles the older singer to the ground, who then pushes the little lad into a heap of garbage in retaliation — child services would not be impressed.

Alexey Vorobyov feat. Nick Korobov “Jamaica” (Official Music Video)

In stark contrast, Alex’s latest release is a downbeat affair. Based on the poetry of Robert Rozhdestvensky, “O chyom ty dumayesh” or “What Do You Think” is the soundtrack for the Russian TV series Secret Idol, in which Alex also stars — we told you he was busy! It’s a love song, but full of sadness. His lover has gone, and now all he can do is mull over what’s been lost. At one point he even lets out an anguished gasp of pain. There’s no light to be found in the music video either. With a muted colour scheme, we see Alex play a piano for the entire clip. But the poor guy is outside and it’s raining. He’s a sorry sight by the end — drenched and heartbroken, he’s calling out for a hug.

Alexey Vorobyov “O chyom ty dumayesh” (Offical Music Video)

The man must barely have time to catch a breath, because on top of everything above, he’s also popped up in music videos for other artists’ — including Frendi’s “Smotri kak ya tantsuyu” (Watch Me Dance), Maria Mia’s “Pismo” (Letter), and Artur Tolyepov’s “Bez tyebya” (Without You).

Amazingly, as his Instagram account proves, he still has time to work on that muscle-honed body. Phew/Phwoar (delete as appropriate).

Is there anything the one-time X Factor singer can’t squeeze into his diary? How about a Eurovision return? Let us know in the comments below.


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7 years ago

I would love for him to return to Eurovision. I loved his stage performance in 2011, lots of charisma, good looks and can work the big stage. Only, if he is interested in coming back to Eurovision he should look for a song with better lyrics.

7 years ago

He may be a big star but in 2011 I wasn’t impressed by his live performance at all. If he has a much better song and if he can give us a better live performance a return would be okay, otherwise it wouldn’t.