She’s a glamorous singer who has judged X Factor Indonesia and Indonesia’s Got Talent.

And now Eurovision 2012 singer Anggun can add another title to her glittering CV: Madame Tussauds starlet!

Today the 42-year-old singer uploaded an Instagram video shot at Madame Tussauds Bangkok that shows her meeting her wax likeness, which shares her wrinkle-free complexion and perfectly sculpted eyebrows.

“This is my twin sister,” she says. “Yeah, she doesn’t talk much but maybe it’s for the best. And if you want to see me, well, I’ll be here in Bangkok. Or actually my representative is here.”

The Javanese star — who has the voice of an angel and a body made for sin — joins a star-studded list of singers immortalised at the museum, including Madonna, Katy Perry, Beyoncé and Michael Jackson, and Asian stars like Nichkum Horvejkul and Jay Chou.

Last month, during the filming of a sneak peak video, the “Snow on the Sahara” hitmaker was in good spirits and had a fun message for fans: “You can come and see me any time in Bangkok,” she says. “Don’t touch some parts you’re not supposed to touch. Behave!”

Anggun says that when the museum called her she assumed it was to invite her to sing.

“Then they said it is to have your wax figure,” she recalls, before gasping. “I am very flattered and surprised. I felt like a Marilyn Monroe…I felt like wow! I am going to be immortalised!”

The video, which you can watch below, shows a giddy Anggun working with staff to choose the perfect eyeballs and fake hair for her wax figure.

Throughout the video she has black dots on her face, which are used to help the artisans track the contours of her face as they attempt to recreate her perfection in wax form.

This is essential when working with someone as flawless as Anggun, as she doesn’t have any wrinkles to use as landmarks.

At the end of the year Anggun, who sang for France at Eurovision 2012, will tour her adopted country to promote her latest album and to celebrate her 20-year career in Europe.

The tour begins with three shows at the intimate Café de la Danse in Paris on December 1, 2 and 3 before moving to other cities.

Eurovision fans will be thrilled to know she also plans to release an album in English by the end of the year.

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7 years ago

Congratulations.. 🙂

Selamat buat Anggun!

7 years ago

her first album is Dunia Aku Punya

7 years ago

I have been following Anggun since her first album, Snow On The Sahara. I have all her albums. She’s really a big star. Come to America, please!