I’ve got to tell you something: Andrius Pojavis, who represented Lithuania at Eurovision 2013, will release the second single from his sophomore album 7 in Europe on the 16th of September.

Titled “Air Of The Place”, this is another piece of introspective pop that will strike a chord with listeners who appreciate his Eurovision track “Something”.

The video pitches a theme of meditation through soothing scenes from nature, including water drops on flower petals, melting ice and flowing streams. The flashes of a church organ hint at something higher than ourselves.

Pojavis appears in the video only briefly and towards the end. This is all about the music.

Speaking exclusively to wiwibloggs, he unpacked the story behind the song.

“‘Air Of The Place’ is a song about waking up in the morning during the best part of your dream,” he says. “I’ve tried to catch that feeling and it’s sensitivity in the song’s message. The video of the song is a natural story of the drops as they come together little by little, becoming pure energy and combining with some surprises hidden between. The final accord of this song is the revelation. It turns out that all this happened to a woman that meditates close to the lake, and we have an opportunity to experience this pure energy together with her.”

He wrote some of the song in Lithuania and some of it in the UK, and he recorded it at Valencia Cut Records Studio in Spain.

“I collaborated with a Spanish arranger Sergio Lopez and talented session musicians,” he tells us, adding that he realised the album thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign.

“I’m continuously working on campaign rewards for my beloved backers which include audio CDs, acoustic videos, hand written lyrics in italic style and private live performances,” he says. “As an independent artist, I go where the wind blows. I constantly build bridges and I am open to ideas, collaborations and live performance invitations.”


A moment before I wake up

I saw you standing on the rainbow bridge

Wind was painting with your hair

I was feeling so alone

Smoothly you’ve started walk towards me

Asking are you going against the wind tonight?

Breathing air of a place

Air of a place

I didn’t know what to say

Glimpse of doubt seemed ever last

Risk is sort of thing to measure

Can you leave the faith with me?

Smoothly you’ve started walk towards me

Asking are we going against the wind tonight

The wind, the wind

Ah then I wake up

Somebody can say

Now you’re wake up

It can’t be recalled

Because you wait her

Breathing air of a place

Now you wake up

Breathing air of a place

With you



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Calum Macleod
Calum Macleod
7 years ago

Fact: He’d originally submitted it in the Swiss public platform this year but deleted it soon after.