Brian Kennedy — Ireland’s 2006 Eurovision entrant — has revealed that he is fighting rectal cancer. Speaking yesterday on Today FM’s Matt Cooper Show, he said:

“I have just started a journey with cancer, I’m afraid to say. What I have is called rectal cancer. As I said to my doctor, could I get a more embarrassing version of this disease? Cancer in my bum, really? At the same time, he pointed out that there are plenty other worse places to get this disease.”

Knowing that something wasn’t right, even after getting the all-clear from his GP, Brian requested further examination. It was his own persistence that led to his early diagnosis. Brian is now two weeks into his treatment and feels fortunate that his cancer was caught early. Thankfully he is responding well to chemotherapy and radiation therapy, and he urged all men “if you have even a grain of doubt, just get it checked.”

The news comes just after Brian’s brother Bap bravely revealed that his own cancer is now terminal. Bap, who is an accomplished musician and has collaborated with Van Morrison and Shane McGowan, is now being cared for at the Marie Curie Hospice by his devoted wife and dedicated staff.

Brian’s treatment is due to finish at the end of September. Ever the professional, he said that he is determined to perform at his “Better Man” concert at Dublin’s Vicar Street in October. “The gigs are everything. I’m looking forward to seeing the audience. I’m hoping that by October 13th, I am a better man.”

Members of the wiwibloggs team know firsthand what Brian is going through. With the support of his family, friends, medical team and, of course, his fans, we know that he can beat this disease. We wish him all the best on his journey and send him infinite wiwi-love.

“Every Song is a Cry for Love”, Brian Kennedy’s Eurovision ballad, had the honour of being the 1000th song performed at the contest and placed tenth in 2006, one of Ireland’s best finishes of the past twenty years.

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4 years ago

Aw, best wishes to him and here’s hoping for a full and speedy recovery.

No doubt he is a great singer, the 2006 song, though…well, as I said, he is a great singer. The two best singers went back to back that night in Athens, as Carola followed him.

4 years ago

This remains as the most low key but so musically respectful entry in 2006 and that 10th place was more than deserved considering the load of crap floating around in that year’s edition … this man was doing what most were not … he sang and told a story and needed no bs to enhance that … that is because he’s talented and not desperate …
Hope he gets better soon and recover from this the best way possible both physically and emotionally.