Russian pop group Gradusy only released their new music video “Gradus 100” on Thursday, but it’s already burning up YouTube.

And one of the reasons for its success is the inclusion of Russian celebrities, who spill in and out of an open-top convertible as the group cruise down the highway.

Eurovision fans will go gaga over the likes of  Dima Bilan, Polina Gagarina and ex-Serebro bandmate Elena Temnikova, while Russophiles will recognise blogger Sasha Spilberg and others.

Ruslan Tagiyev, the group’s lead singer, shared this photo of the artists on his Instagram account.

“Gradus 100” charts the end of a relationship, which has fallen to tatters because the woman has changed.

As the group says: “I don’t need the ‘new’ you. I don’t wanna be surprised everyday. You’ve changed, yeah, it’s cool, but I haven’t changed, still the same fool.”

The chorus is about his decision to leave: “I exit here, press ‘stop’…Rules are simple, you or me. Which of us will leave this launch boat faster?”

Producers decided to have several Russian female stars share the role of the flighty girl, perhaps suggesting this type of woman takes many forms. Among others, we see Eurovision alums Polina Gagarina and Elena Temnikova rocking that role.

Towards the end of the video 2008 winner Dima magically appears — we’re being literal — confusing his real-life producer Yana Rudkovskaya.

It’s the third time that Polina and Dima have worked together in recent memory.

They both took part in the Rio 2016 torch relay and now they are both jurors on the fifth season of The Voice of Russia.


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5 years ago

Dima goes everywhere with Polina?Lol.Maybe a duet in a future?His duet with Julia volkova in the past was a bomb(especially in russian) and i think a duet with Gagarina would be interesting too…

Polegend Godgarina
5 years ago

They absolutely needed legend Polina for those views <3

5 years ago

Nice video.