A Eurovision-themed short musical is being staged in Barcelona, and the name couldn’t be more accurate: ‘Eurodrama, el musical’.

Spain’s first Eurovision-related play premiered on September 1. It brings together 25 Eurovision songs, two actors, three Spanish YouTube stars and RTVE’s Eurovision commentator Julia Varela in 15-minutes of light-hearted fun.

Running until September 25, ‘Eurodrama, el musical’ is the story of a Eurovision fan, Loreenzo (played by Josep Gámez) who has grown increasingly depressed by Spain’s poor results at the contest.

This person could really be anyone reading this post — an Edurne fan, perhaps? But our man takes it a bit further that post-Eurovision depression or tender feelings over Spain’s results. He’s so traumatised by Spain’s showing that he can no longer speak properly and can only express himself through Eurovision songs.

(Lesbehonest: We sometimes feel this way after one too many drinks during Eurovision week).

Desperate for a cure, Loreenzo meets Dr. Böstrom (Laura Tobias), one of the country’s pre-eminent specialists. Things get more complicated from here…but you’ll have to visit Sala Microteatre in Barcelona to find out how.

And yes — microteatre means ‘micro-theatre’. If you’re waiting for a giant West End production, then you’ll have to lower your expectations: ‘Eurodrama: El Musical’ is a micro-musical.

As such it takes place in a ten-square-metre room, only lasts 15 minutes and can only welcome 15 people inside at a time. Thankfully there are five shows per day, so you have plenty of opportunities to see it.

A story born from RTVE’s improvisation

It’s been eight months since RTVE decided to stage a preselection, hastily thrown together just two weeks before. It was a bit of improvisation. A bit too much, maybe. Fans agonised in the run-up to the show — and in the minutes before the official announcement that Barei had won. In that moment, the creator of the play, Román Amigó, had the idea.

The young theatre director and Eurovision fan started working on the project. A rising star in the increasingly popular genre of micro-musicals, he had already directed two other micro shows called ‘Maniquí’ and ‘Barranco’. The Eurovision-themed story is in good hands!

As the idea took shape, he sought to make it bigger, and sent an email to RTVE’s Eurovision commentator, Julia Varela, asking if she could help up the realness of it all. She happily accepted his invitation to participate and provides commentary during the play, just like at the real Eurovision.

Julia is not the only high-profile collaborator, as three Spanish Youtubers also take part: The Tripletz, Rubén Errebeene and ManelVideoblogs. You might remember Manel because of his Carolina Casado #OitPoints imitation:

We haven’t seen the musical yet, but Román tells us the room is always packed and he’s happy with the outcome. YASSSS!

Have you seen Eurodrama? What do you think of the idea? Let us know below!


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7 years ago

I really hope they come to Madrid anytime, it seems pretty fun and real!