France has endured its share of dark days at Eurovision, but in 2009 light came in the form of Patricia Kaas, one of the country’s most internationally successful artists. She enchanted the Moscow crowd with her cabaret-chanson number, “Et s’il fallait la faire”, ultimately finishing eighth.

Since then Kaas has won over even more fans around the world with her dedication album to Edith Piaf. But now she’s finally back with her own original songs and has released a lyric video for one new track, “Madame tout le monde”.

Patricia Kaas – Madame tout le monde

Translating literally as “Mrs. Everyone”, this is a track about the complexity of women, who, she sings, can be “insulating, rebellious, charming” but also hypnotic, loved up, single and swinging. Amen! Whether a daughter of “Eve or Amazon”, women, the song suggests, offer up endless contradictions.

Musically it’s a simplistic composition with a generally happy, upbeat vibe. That purity gives it strength. And as always Kaas’ vocals shine.

The track is the second release from her upcoming, self-titled album Patricia Kaas, which is set to be released on November 11. It’s been a long time coming too: this is Kaas’ first wholly original album since 2003’s Sexe fort. (Kabaret, her 2008 album, was more of a throwback and where her Eurovision track was sourced).

Don’t expect the album to be as playful as “Madame tout le monde”, though.

In an interview with La Parisien, Kaas explained that the album would touch on many serious subjects. This includes domestic violence, a topic that Kaas has spoken out against in the past. Similarly, the first single from the album, “Le jour et l’heure”, implicitly talks about the Paris terror attacks in 2015.

It’s a testament to Kaas’ ability as a performer that she can put so many different emotions into her music, yet still sound genuine.

Patricia Kaas – Le jour et l’heure

Kaas is set to tour with the album worldwide throughout 2017. Live Nation – the multi-national entertainment company who work with the likes of Lady Gaga and Madonna – have made Kaas their first French singer. This is what you call a superstar.

What do you think of “Madame tout le monde”? Are you excited for Patricia Kaas’ new album too? Let us know in the comments section below!

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7 years ago

This woman is a true talent.