Their country’s participation in Eurovision 2017 remains a mystery. But after a seven year break from the music scene, Hari Mata Hari is back.

The band who earned Bosnia and Herzegovina its best-ever Eurovision result has released a new album titled “Cilim (Rug),” as well as an accompanying music video for the title track.

Speaking of the album, the video’s director Muris Beglerovic said: 

“The album brings eleven songs that are of different character and draw upon different elements. There’s songs typical of what Hari sings but also something for everyone.”

The album contains more than a single nod to Hari Mata Hari’s Eurovision past. One track features Elena Ristevska (FYR Macedonia Eurovision 2006), titled “Jos Me Plasis (I’m Still Afraid).” Another is a stirring duet with Jelena Tomasevic (Serbia Eurovision 2008), called “Nema Ljubavi (No Love)”, which they performed together on the talent show Pinkove Zvezdice earlier this summer.

Lead singer Hajrudin “Hari” Varesanovic has been busy touring Europe and promoting the new album, and like every good Eurovision star, he has been keeping his fans up to date on social media. I believe it’s called social media slayage?

It is now ten years since Hari Mata Hari represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006. They achieved Bosnia and Herzegovina’s best-ever result, finishing in an impressive third place. Hari sang the beautiful Balkan ballad “Lejla” penned by Balkan Ballad master Zeljko Joksimovic, who represented Serbia twice at the contest. Here Hari is performing live at Eurovision 2006 in case you have forgotten:

Almost every year, the band is among the acts rumoured to sing for Bosnia and Herzegovina at Eurovision. If their country does participate next year, would you support Hari Mata Hari?

What do you think of Hari’s comeback ? Do you like the new album? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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4 years ago

One of the most beautiful Eurovision songs to date in my opinion was Lejla.

4 years ago

Yet to remind
/watch?v=7W2csfPjpHw they know how to melt souls 😀