Europe might have turned a cold shoulder on Ireland’s Molly Sterling in 2015, but she is nowhere near letting that destroy her love for music. Molly has just released a new song “Ghost in my Bedroom”, which she wrote and composed. It sounds like an acoustic throwback to 1960s girl groups, and shows that Molly, despite her young age, is a serious songwriter, and stays true to her heart when it comes to composing songs.

Just like in “Playing with Numbers”, Molly lets her voice and the piano carry the song, without any major hoohah. It’s all about the music.

In this particular song, she sings about fighting ghosts — the things that hold her back from life and stop her connecting with loved ones. The song seems to try and explain it, how a depression can shut one off and isolate, without that person actually wanting it.

Molly explained on her Facebook page, “This song is extremely important to me and was a really important step in trying to unscramble my brain. Cos, let’s face it, my mind can be mush at the best of times! So, it’s nice to make sense of it now and again.”

Molly sings of the isolation such negative feelings can cause: “I can’t help it, there was a ghost in my bedroom and she wouldn’t let me talk to you”. It captures how a person with depression can try to reach out and ask for help, but is suffocated by the disease.

But in the end, the person manages to overcome and leaves the ghost behind, and is finally able to face life and move on towards happiness. A powerful message in a powerful song.

The video was filmed live at the Mount Stewart Conversations festival in Belfest. It shows Molly performing the song live, and also wandering around the picturesque grounds of Mount Stewart House, just outside of Belfast in Northern Ireland.

Molly Sterling – “Ghost in my Bedroom” (lyrics)

Mama told you not to be a selfish girl
Mama told you go wash your hands
So how does the picture look, the moral stand
When you first lit that cigarette?

Mama told you not to wish on miracles
Can’t save the world with a note in the sand
You can close your eyes and wish the words would come to life
Just please don’t bury your head

Then there’s me – you know the things I do
Many ways I ran away from you
I can’t help it there was a ghost in my bedroom
And she wouldn’t let me talk to you
And she scarred my arms and send me to
The bottle while she built a basement

Here I am

So here I am in all of my glory
The wicked thoughts and fears still intact
And Mama, I did all the things that you warned me not to
Fell in love with a forbidden plan

And got all the things I hid from you
Wasn’t sure if you would want me to
Spill my guts on your new dining room table
Are you ready, set, go and doubt?
Tell it all, won’t leave the glory out
Cos I finally faced the ghost

Here I am
Here I am

Mama, I did all the things that you warned me not to
Fell in love with a forbidden plan


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4 years ago

I still say she was Ireland’s best entry in years and she was absolutely robbed of a place in the final while abysmal entries from Cyprus and Poland were allowed to qualify.

Staging was a bit of a letdown, but I still think she deserved to qualify in 6-10 position.

4 years ago

A nice song.