Ukrainian singer Eduard Romanyuta, who represented Moldova at the 2105 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna with the song “I Want Your Love”, is back with a new single. The “Reckless” video showcases his Eurovision journey and includes never before seen backstage footage. And yes: You’ll get to see those dancers (and their handcuffs).

It is not the first time that Eduard has reused old footage for his new songs.

The official video for his Eurovision entry recycled images from his 2013 video “Shore”.

Gone are the days when the young artist was full of cash and promise!

Nonetheless, we don’t mind revisiting Vienna as seen through the eyes of the Moldovan delegation.

Unquestionably the singer’s most viewed performance ever, despite not qualifying for the Grand Final, “I Want Your Love” made a mark on the 2015 contest, with his scantily clad police officers and daring choreography.

And who can forget that Eduard made a handcuffed appearance on the red carpet? Well, if you did, the “Reckless” video is here to remind you of his most glorious moments of 2015.

Speaking of “Reckless”, the song retains the same obsolete 90s vein of “I Want Your Love”, which is a sign that Eduard is stuck in time. It’s difficult to find any redeeming qualities to this disposable Europop track. Perhaps if the year was 1996, we would, but twenty years later, “Reckless” sounds tragically outdated.

What do you think? Do you like Eduard’s new song? And what about the video — are you getting nostalgic about Vienna 2015?

Interview: Eduard Romanyuta on the Red Carpet in Vienna

Interview: Eduard Romanyuta at Eurovision Live Concert in Setúbal



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7 years ago

Relives – like in – Again remashes the same frames as in other 2 videos? 🙂