In 2011, she danced and sang for Spain at Eurovision 2011 in Düsseldorf, proving that no one can take the fun away from her. (Ouo uo uo ouo uo uo!)

And on Saturday Lucía Pérez kept the good feels going by releasing “Que más da” (Whatever) — the third and final single from her 2014 album Quitapenas.

Composed by Chema Purón — the man behind “Vuelve Conmigo” (Eurovision 1995) and “Colgado de un sueño” (Eurovision 2000) — the song remains faithful to Lucia’s old school, Iberian pop sound.


In the song she sings about love and how peaceful she feels after a failed relationship. With that sense of liberty driving her forward, she can finally breathe and take the world by storm.

The video, which brings to an end her two-year promotion of the album, was recorded in Buenos Aires while she was touring South America.

It may not be an expensive production or feature the most clever and daring editing, but that doesn’t matter.

Lucia shows different sides of the city — from a man throwing a rose on her table in a cafe to her playing on the streets alongside a saxophonist — and does so in a playful, cheery manner.

The love story here is one of moving on. It’s definitely a tale of say nay!, and Lucia manages to convey that in a charming way. Love ain’t all roses, y’all!


You can check out her live performance of the song here.



She’s moving on

Now a regular on the Bamboleo TV show, the Galician songstress is currently recording her seventh studio album.

It’s fully in Galician — a Spanish dialect from the north — and will contain versions of some of the most famous traditional Galician songs. She’s going native, for real!

Interestingly, she’s the only artist from Galicia who has sung for Spain at Eurovision. The album will further cement her place as a pop pioneer.


What are your thoughts on her new single? Thumbs up? Would you like to see Lucía Pérez in Eurovision again? Make sure that no one can take the fun away from you and share all your opinions in the comments section below!

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6 years ago

She´s so lovely, nice song! 🙂

6 years ago

Is it just me, or she sounds E-X-A-C-T-L-Y like La Oreja de Van Gogh?

6 years ago

“a Spanish dialect” WTF!? Galician is an official language xd

6 years ago