She finished fifth on the UK’s X Factor, tenth at Eurovision 2014 and first on Tu Cara Me Suena.

And on Thursday Spanish pop star Ruth Lorenzo proved that she loves a bit of healthy competition yet again as she set a Guinness World Record.

Over the course of 12 hours the Spanish singer performed 20-minute concerts in eight different cities, beginning in her native Murcia before snaking through Hellín, Albacete, Villarrobledo, Manzanares, Consuegra, Toledo and finally Madrid.

Ruth in concert

No, Ruth didn’t drive around the country just for the sake of it.

She sacrificed her time and energy to help raise funds to support breast cancer research.

The great feat continues Ruth’s ongoing support for the Por Ellas 2016 campaign, which began with the release of her single “Voces” earlier this month.

All the money raised went to the Por Ellas campaign, the inspiring charity project set up by the Cadena 100 Radio Station to raise funds for the Spanish Association Against Cancer.

A judge from the Guinness World Record organisation attended Ruth’s last concert in Madrid and certified her record.

After her feat, Ruth explained that she was “exhausted but happy”, because it had been “a precious experience” in which she gave her everything. And in return her fans dropped the coins and the bills for a great cause.

The collaboration has also been a huge success for the “Dancing In The Rain” hitmaker.

Her single “Voces” shot to number one on iTunes Spain and has helped build hype ahead of her nationwide tour — which will take place over several days, rather than a few hours! — next month.

But we still don’t know what she’s doing from January. Maybe a Eurovision comeback?

Cantar con ellas… Por ellas… @aecc_es #UnRecordPorEllas ?? #Voces @CADENA100

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What do you think about Ruth’s new record? Do you like her new single? Is the time ripe for her much-anticipated Eurovision comeback? Tell us in the comment section!


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7 years ago

That’s pretty impressive. That’s about 3 hours of performing, plus all the driving (I hope someone else drove and she could take catnaps!). Not to mention the logistics of it all, plus the fact that you’re basically at the mercy of the fickle highway god.

Bravo to her.

7 years ago

That’s awesome! Respect 🙂