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If you’ve come across any Spanish media in the last few weeks, you’ll surely have heard about RTVE’s three-part Operación Triunfo reunion show. A few days ago we tried to explain all the hype. But in short it’s been a national affair, with all of Spain rewinding 15 years to when they were teenagers stuck in front of the TV watching the hit show, which served as Spain’s Eurovision selection in 2002.

The reunion series has been a major talking about, even landing in several news bulletins. And on Monday ‘OT, el concierto’  exceeded all expectations — smashing the ratings and generating plenty of social media buzz.

More than five million viewers watched on television — representing a 30% TV share. The concert trended worldwide on Twitter. And devotees stood outside of Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi for up to one week hoping to snag the first seats.

Now that we’ve calmed down a bit, it’s time to review what happened in ‘OT, el concierto’, which included two Eurovision participants and four Eurovision backing vocalists!

David Bisbal and Chenoa’s “cobra” moment

David Bisbal and Chenoa were two of the most popular “triunfitos”. After the contest, they embarked on a relationship which made them Spain’s couple-of-the-moment. They shared a life — and the role of Rosa’s Eurovision 2002 backing vocalists. But some years later Bisbal cheated on Chenoa, ending their fairytale, reality TV romance.

That was one of the most painful break-ups in Spain’s history. The day after the break-up Chenoa appeared on TV wearing a grey tracksuit and, looking frail and holding back tears, announced that she “wasn’t well” and needed our support. Relive the drama at 0:38 in the video below.

After years of avoiding one other, it was announced that Chenoa and Bisbal would reprise their most famous song “Escondidos” (Hidden) during the concert.

Back in the day the duo would always finish it with a passionate kiss. But that was not the case on Monday.


At 5:31, when they were about to sing the last phrase “Mientras hacemos el amor” (While we’re making love), he seems to have backed away from Chenoa’s kiss. In Spain we call that “making a cobra”.

David told the people that it had been a privilege singing with Chenoa again and yada yada yada. But many were too busy reeling from the awkward moment to listen.

You might think this is a small detail being overblown. But if you were in Spain and had seen the hours of TV discussion this has generated, then surely you’d understand (that this country is insane).

Gisela’s moment with David Bustamante

Meanwhile, Andorra’s Eurovision 2008 representative Gisela was busy causing a stir of her own. Ahead of the concert she caused a media storm when she revealed that she had had an affair with another of Rosa’s backing vocalists, David Bustamante, while they were on the show.

And on Monday they proved their relationship is chemical again, reprising their now mythical performance of Andrea Boccelli’s “Vivo per lei”.


What’s wrong about having chemistry, you’ll say? Nothing. Unless you’re David’s wife Paula Echevarría, who is reportedly jealous of their on-stage reunion (and all that came before).

We’ll probably never know whether the media speculation is accurate. But judging from Paula’s Instagram, she was feeling more proud than jealous. That’s right, babe. When they go low, you go high!

Drama aside, the undisputed queen of the night was the winner of Operación Triunfo, Rosa.

She sang four songs and slayed the pack with each of them. But of course it was “Europe’s Living a Celebration” where she shined brightest.


Her vocals might not have been her finest, but come on, with the emotion of the moment, it was impressive that she was able to sing and dance at all.

Rosa was joined by Geno, Bisbal, Bustamante, Gisela and Chenoa, just like in Tallinn 2002, and they got the whole crowd dancing.

‘OT. El concierto’ and the entire OT documentary series have renewed interest in Operación Triunfo, which died a sad and unfortunate death after its disastrous seventh edition in 2011. It came to an end after just six shows owing to low ratings.

As we told you some weeks ago, RTVE is reportedly considering relaunching the talent show, and it could potentially be used to pick Spain’s representative at Eurovision 2018.

What do you think? Will it be a success or will it turn into something more tedious than Lithuania’s national selection? Let us know in the comments box down below!


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6 years ago

You can’t beat operacion triunfo 1 and possibly even the second. The people were so genuine on camera in the academy and you could really see their relationships develop into close friendships. I’d say leave the show alone and let Spain just enjoy the memories.

6 years ago

Oh that Bisbal’s cobra xD

6 years ago

Oh dear! Rosa’s lost her voice!!! Whatever happened to her?