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He graces our screens every weekend as a judge on Depi Evratesil — Armenia’s three month long national selection for Eurovision 2017. But Aram MP3 still has time for his day job, with his latest single “Asa” dropping in October.

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The track, which translates as “Say” in English, sees Aram MP3 continue in his quest to become Yerevan’s answer to Bruno Mars.

As with last year’s “You’re My Sunshine”, the Eurovision 2014 star uses “Asa” to shed the sombre image and sound he developed after the contest.

The mood is light and frothy. Percussion and brass fill the air as Aram sings of his love for a special girl.

She intrigues him and he wants to discover more about her. Most importantly, he wants her to say that she likes him too.

The fun carries on into the music video, which is based around a boxing match between Aram and the woman of his desires.

Initially, the woman proves quite the match — Aram blows her a kiss, she headbutts him in return.

But feminists are likely to baulk at later scenes which show the “I’m Not Alone” singer’s adversary take a break to touch up her makeup and lose her temper over a broken nail.

Just as it looks like everything is about to descend into violent chaos, Aram awakens from the daydream. However, reality isn’t much better. The singer is on the verge of getting married,  but Mrs. MP3 to be  refuses to say “I do”. How embarrassing!

Aram MP3 “Asa” Official Music Video

What do you think of “Asa”? Do you like Aram MP3’s funky sound? Let us know in the comments below.

Aram MP3 interview at Eurovision 2014


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Polegend Godgarina
Polegend Godgarina
6 years ago

He’s trash, and so is this song.

6 years ago

OK… He’s from an eastern country where men beating women is reality and remains as one of the main problems of the nation. What he’s doing is just not right since he’s from an country like Armenia.

6 years ago

Hopefully he got kicked hard enough to restore some neurons