He took Lithuania to the Eurovision 2015 final with the help of Monika Linkyte. Now Vaidas Baumila is working with Monika once more, albeit a completely different person — Monika Pundziute.

Having just won the most recent season of Lithuanian X Factor, Pundziute is quite a big deal. But then, so is our Vaidas. The two come together for “Dviese”.

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*Insert Vaidas’ latest gym pic, because why not?

The collaboration is a smooth R&B number, where Monika and Vaidas profess the perks of when two become one.

“I am not afraid” they sing, “With you I achieve more (oooh), I know we will be able”. But the duo aren’t blinded by the romantic sentiment, and the lyrics acknowledge the difficulties they must overcome.

It’s completely different to “This Time” (which we loved). Whereas that told of a relationship on the verge of blossoming, the relationship in “Dviese” is already well established.

There’s no need for unbridled enthusiasm. They’re relaxed because they have each other.

Unlike previous singles — *cough* “Ant masinos stogo” — Vaidas is well covered up, as is a blue-haired Monika. In fact, for most of the clip, the pair’s bodies are lit by projections of landscapes and scenes from the other’s lives.

A cute trick, if we hadn’t seen it done before by Taylor Swift, Sweden’s Mariette, Greece’s Demy and countless more.

Vaidas Baumila and Monika Pundziute “Dviese” (Official Music Video)

Of course Vaidas doesn’t need a Monika permanently by his side in order to make sweet music. Back in September, he gave us “Panama”.

It’s another modern sounding track, and while there are slight R&B vibes the electro elements are much stronger.

In contrast to his current single, the relationship here is over, although not by Vaidas’ choice. He spent years writing to his curly haired lover (see the music video), only for her never to reply. Rude!

Despite the rejection, Vaidas is intent on coming back to her, even if his plans are continuously thwarted.

True to his word, Vaidas spends the music video seeking out his long lost love. She’s constantly on his mind, whether he’s trekking through dense forests or sailing the high seas.

Vaidas Baumila “Panama” (Official Music Vide0)

What do you think of the latest tracks from Vaidas? Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.


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(J)ESC Fanatic
(J)ESC Fanatic
7 years ago

He is sooooooooo hot!

7 years ago

There is such a natural vibe and a charm when artist perform in their own native languages that gets lost and eliminated in Eurovision by performing in English … sometimes a very questionable English … and when you sing in your own language you are being way more honest to an extent that one doesn’t always realize … and that truth is what captivates me in song. However … Eurovision gets easily distracted with loads of rubbish stuff that the music aspect is like an older son left behind due to the birth of a second, third. fourth younger child… Read more »

6 years ago
Reply to  Charles

Way late reply, but this is not the same Monika!

7 years ago