Just one month. That was the amount of time that Spanish artists had to prepare their entries for Spain’s national selection Objetivo Eurovisión 2017. Now that the open submission period has come to an end, Spain’s public broadcaster RTVE has revealed that it received 392 applications, from which only 30 will advance to the online voting round that starts on December 2.

Alea jacta est! After receiving just 50 entries in the first week, RTVE has ended with an avalanche of entries and must now sort out the 392 artists that have entered a song to represent the Iberian nation. During the next phase, fans will listen to the 30 to-be-shortlisted songs and have the chance to choose their 10 favorite. RTVE will reveal the names of the thirty successful applicants this Thursday, December 1. The voting platform will open the very next day and remain open for ten days.

We already know that Eurovision wannabe Brequette submitted three songs — including “No enemy”. And she did so with the unconditional support of her Eurovision collaborator Barei and Barei’s boyfriend Rubén Villanueva. As we’ve previously argued, that song has a promising start but fizzles pretty quickly.

Reacting to Brequette’s Eurovision 2017 submission

But it’s not just Brequette fighting for the wildcard.

Several well-known (and some rather unknown) artists have revealed their entries publicly, while many more remain a mystery. It seems that some don’t want to endure the embarrassment of being knowingly cut from contention.

“Spain calling”: Objetivo Eurovision 2017

The list of the chosen 30 will be announced next Thursday morning and again through the livestream “Spain Calling”, which will kick off at 12:30 CET on the RTVE.es website.

The voting platform will close on December 12 at 12:00 CET and the top 10 entries will then face a special jury.

After that three candidates will compete in a webstream show, which will be decided by the audience. The winner gets to compete at the Objetivo Eurovisión final. Yes, it’s a lot of work to get the wildcard!

Who would you like to see on the list? Are you going all the way with Brequette? Or do you prefer any of the other rumoured artists? Let us know in the comments section below!


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6 years ago

Don’t worry only one of theme is going to be at national final, the other finalists will be chosen internaly by TVE so there’s more hope

6 years ago

If only ONE of them were as inspired as Water of Life… But what I’m lisening these day is tragic and I’m totally losing the llitle faith I had left for my country

6 years ago

So all these contestant for just adquiring a place for the final of Spanish selection? Perfect, I’ve heard a lot of bad songs…
Any idea of who will be there in the national final??

6 years ago

It’s Alea iacta est,not Alea Jacta Est.