She released her latest album “Fake It Till We Die” just over a month ago. Since then she has been treating us to pure naughtiness with singles “Down Daddy Down” and “Burn”.

And now Anouk is mixing things up with the album’s third cut, an ode to her basketball player beau Dominique Schemmekes entitled “I Just Met A Man”. Treat yo’self and have a look!

Anouk – “I Just Met A Man”

The track fuses a glorious 90s RnB beat with very current funky horn and drum sounds – think Lauryn Hill meets Bruno Mars. Everything builds to a brash and bombastic chorus, and Anouk’s delicious vocals hold it all together. Here she sounds happier than in her previous two singles, but her trademark snarl is never far beneath the surface.

Anouk is a woman in love and over the infectious beat, she admits that she’s never had it so good: “Hey, girlfriend, he seems like the perfect guy / And he makes me feel like I never felt before”. Hey, if we had a guy as hawt as hers, we’d shout it from the rooftops.

However, our Dutch songbird is a lady of contemplation, and she simply can’t help but have her doubts: “And though it feels so right, but I can’t help but wonder / Oh, oh, I don’t know, can we make along?”.

The clip for the video is super sweet and shows Anouk, her partner and her six children having fun and looking oh so stylish. #familygoals.

“I Just Met A Man” follows the filthy “Down Daddy Down” and second single “Burn”, which saw Anouk unleash rage from deep within. She certainly did not hold back! Check it out below.

Anouk – “Burn”

The electronic stomper is unbelievably catchy, even with some slightly vulgar lyrics: “Burn motherf*cker, burn motherf*cker, burn in hell / The rage was in my soul and I can tell”.

Much like on “Down Daddy Down”, here Anouk sounds very current. “Burn” is fresh and could have been taken from Rihanna’s back catalogue. Although not exactly radio-friendly, “Burn” serves attitude. And we heart attitude.

The accompanying music video has an interesting concept, and although Anouk does not actually appear in the clip, her sassy spirit pervades. We love a girl who knows what she wants!

So, what do you think of Anouk’s new music? Do you prefer her sassy or sweet side? Let us know in the comments below!

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6 years ago

Nice stuff

6 years ago

Hi Wiwibloggs,
I went to have a look at the ESC 2015 preview videos and for some reason, some of them aren’t available.
The non blocked ones are: Spain, Hungary, Montenegro, Russia, Albania, Czech Republic, Norway, Austria, Netherlands, Estonia (only one), Latvia and UK.
Why aren’t the rest available?!?