It’s been a while since M I H A I, the Eurovision star formerly known as Mihai Traistariu, graced our ears with his music and our eyes with his Photoshopped face next to an unwilling female body. (I’m looking at you, “Iau vara la misto”.) This time, he’s getting us ready for the winter holidays with “Craciunul Rock ‘n’ Roll” (Rock ‘n’Roll Christmas). Or maybe not?

“Craciunul Rock ‘n’ Roll” is a heavy, if a tad unfortunate, mix of genres, united only by MI H A I’s unique vocals. We’re hearing 1950’s rock, something that sounds like jazz, excessive scatting, and superfluous melismata. If it weren’t for the first five seconds and the lyrics, you wouldn’t know it’s a Christmas song.

Speaking of the lyrics, M I H A I is excited to meet a unique girl who is a fan of rock and roll. We aren’t surprised that he had to look so hard, seeing as it’s 2016. And he wants to, guess what, spend a rock and roll Christmas with her.

The image that accompanies the single is the cherry on the cupcake. M I H A I, donning the obligatory Santa hat, places his awkwardly airbrushed hands between a lady’s (we think) legs that are spinning vinyls. Oh and the legs are dressed in what we can safely call prison stockings. Oh, M I H A I! You’re the gift that keeps on giving!

Bottom line is, until M I H A I makes up his mind about the Moldovan national selection (we hear that he might enter a duet with Natalia Barbu, which would be fantastic), we get to relish this hot Christmas concoction. What do you think about “Craciunul Rock ‘n’ Roll”? Will you listen to it during the holidays?