Over the weekend, we reported that Constantin Cobilean, one of the 14 semifinalists in Moldova‘s national selection O melodie pentru Europa 2017, submitted a song that had been performed before. Broadcaster TRM has decided to disqualify Cobilean and has replaced him in the semi-final with Nadia Mosneagu and her song “Never Give Up On Us”.

TRM producer Leonid Melnic announced that Cobilean was disqualified because his song “Mama” had been performed before 1 September 2016. Since Nadia Mosneagu was next in line after the 14 semi-finalists, she automatically advanced to the position of semi-finalist.

You may remember Nadia Mosneagu from last year’s national selection. Her song “Memories” finished 13th on the scoreboard at the national final.

Unlike Constantin Cobilean’s song “Mama”, Nadia’s song “Never Give Up On Us” is in English, which lowers the number of Romanian language songs in Moldova’s semi-final to just three: Ethno Republic & Surorile Osoianu’s “Discover Moldova”, Boris Covali’s “Calator” and Aurel Chirtoaca’s “Dor de mama”.

No decision has been made regarding the other controversy at O melodie pentru Europa 2017, concerning the claims of plagiarism surrounding Irina Kit’s song “Baby Don’t Cry”.

The 14 acts will face off at the semi-final on 25 February, when eight acts will advance to the national final the next day.

What do you think about the new song? Is lucky Nadia likely to challenge the likes of Sunstroke Project for the ticket to Kyiv?


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6 years ago

Classic ballad, a love song, good voice, this can do well. It’s a common recipe in order to make a decent song. With a good staging it’s not bad.

6 years ago

No need for a semifinal IMO.