The woman we came to know and love at Eurovision 2014 was sexy, alluring, and certainly not afraid to shake what her mama gave her.

But even if you loved Cleo from the moment you first heard “My Slowianie“, it might have been easy to see her as one-sided, only churning out music based on sex appeal — literal churning, in this case — and alcohol (we’re looking at you, “Brac“).

But the Polish singer has made sure to prove us wrong, keeping up her high energy dance floor vibe in tracks like “N-O-C” and also giving us more serious material to chew on.

With “Wole Byc“, she told the emotional story of her great-grandmother’s tragically younger love interest.

And now she’s released her new track “Echo”, a dark look into messing with the wrong guy.

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Throughout the song, Cleo reiterates that “karma comes back as an echo,” urging a mysterious subject to think before speaking or doing.

What they’ve done seems to purposely never get clarified, but whatever it was, their punishment was well deserved.

Full of idioms including “an eye for an eye” and “what you reap is what you sow”, “Echo” leaves no questions about whether this retribution was fair.

Musically, “Echo” has a much more haunting sound to it than what we’ve come to expect from Cleo.

The track relies on electronic snare, synthesizer bass, and other artificial instruments, but its minor, dissonant key is what sets it apart the most from her previous releases.

“Karma” may be overused in the lyrics, but Cleo sure knows how to set a tone!

Cleo “Echo” (Official Audio)

To put this release into proper context, Cleo just kicked off her Bastet World Tour, taking her everywhere from Chicago to Val Di Sole, Italy in the next two months. If you get the chance to see her, let us know if “Echo” has the live performance we think it deserves!


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Vladimir P.
Vladimir P.
7 years ago

World tour? Since when West Europe and North America are the world?

7 years ago

I want her back to ESC!

Polegend Godgarina
7 years ago

Omg yas global kween, come to Italy! But why would she go to a random valley in Trentino? Is there a festival going on there or something?