Ani Lorak Motte Soprano 2017 Ukraine

It’s been nearly a decade since our beloved Ms. “Shady Lady” delivered one of Eurovision’s most memorable performances in Belgrade.

And Ani Lorak is still truly a force on the Eastern music scene. After blessing us with great music last year, she’s kicking off 2017 with even more awesome class and strength.

Teaming up with Russian artist Motte, “Soprano” is as intense as Eastern Europop ballads get.

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Motte’s verses are subdued, held by a heavy bass and mournful piano chords, and build the dark sultry tone.

Ani’s belting chorus, however, is where the song really comes together — the volume picks up and a whirlwind of emotion sweeps in.

“Soprano” is no reference at all to Ani’s powerful passionate voice, rather it’s the cry of an aching heart.

In wonderful crisp Russian, Motte and Ani sing about the way love is impacted by cheating.

Screaming, agony, running and revenge are all in full focus here. It’s not the most original of creations, but the song has beauty and substance in great capacity.

Fans of Lorak’s “Shady Lady” days may be disappointed to see her continue down the melodramatic route, but even they should see this is Ani at her best.

While not as hot and feisty as we know she can be, her soul and expression absolutely slay.

Motte feat. Ani Lorak “SOPRANO” (Official Audio)

Ani had a great year in 2016, giving us two smash hits: the fierce “Ukhodi po-angliyski” and the dramatic “Razve ty ljubil”.

All of us here at wiwibloggs were thrilled to see that she has lost none of the killer edge we loved in 2008.

Who knows what 2017 may bring for our gorgeous Ukrainian diva, but we’re excited already and it’s great to see she’s not slowing down!

Do you think this collaboration works? Or should Ani get back to being her own strong independent woman? Let us know below.


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nadina marinova
7 years ago

Ani is gorgeous and the song is great! I can’t stop listneing it!

7 years ago

His name is Mot. I guess you misspelled it because of Russian declension.

It’s always nice to see Eurovision artists being featured for their new music here on Wiwibloggs. Because the audio of the song reached more than 2 million views in less than 2 weeks, a music video is probably in the making! 🙂

Russian Romeo Loves You
Russian Romeo Loves You
7 years ago

Btw here are some Eurovision news related to Russia. 1. Yelena Temnikova – former soloist of Serebro – has announced that she has plans to represent Russia at the contest this year. She has already recorded a song. 2. Dina Bilan has cancelled his concerts scheduled in spring, earlier in January he was assured by Ukrainians that he was eligible to enter the country. 3. Some fans have started a petition to send Little Big to ESC.

7 years ago

The Shady Lady has delivered once again with this fresh and current collaboration with Motte. Thunbs up from me!

Russian Romeo Loves You
Russian Romeo Loves You
7 years ago

Why do you call him Motte? The song is stunning anyway.