The Wiwi Jury, our in-house panel of music unprofessionals, is in Chisinau, reviewing the songs from Moldova’s national selection O melodie pentru Europa. Our next contestant is the band Big Flash Sound with “Logic”. Is it big and flash — or just blinding? Let’s find out!

Big Flash Sound – “Logic”

“Logic” reviews

Antranig: If you’re going to do rock, do it properly. Half-hearted attempts at rock never end well and this is no exception. I expect something epic when I listen to rock and this doesn’t reach those heights. While the chorus isn’t bad, “Logic” feels like the scaffold of a good song rather than the final product.

Score: 5/10

Luis: If you have a bland pop-rock song, your country won’t vote for you because you’re nothing new and therefore they won’t remember you. And in the unlikely event the whole country goes completely crazy and sends Big Flash Sound to Eurovision, the other countries won’t vote for you either. Better luck next year.

Score: 3/10

Anthony: They served up an infectious, catchy, inoffensive piece of pop last year. Sadly, Big Flash Sound aren’t living up to their name and have gone downhill on their return. They’ve defied logic and gone for a rock song which never really gets going. You get a gradual build-up from the start, only to hit the chorus and the whole song falls flat like a punctured tyre.

Score: 4/10

Patrick: Tell me, where is the logic here? The biggest problem is her voice, which is heavy and irritating. She also looks scary while performing. The music itself is very cheaply produced, as is the whole act by itself. By sending Big Flash Sound to Kyiv, Moldova would be making a big mistake. However, considering that the entire selection is weak, “Logic” fits perfectly with the rest of the bunch.

Score: 2/10

Jason: “Logic” plods along for three minutes, and not much happens. A rock entry at Eurovision needs more than that unfortunately. There is nothing here to grab attention and hold it, which is unfortunate. The song itself isn’t bad, but it is lacking a moment. Eurovision demands more!

 Score: 5/10

In our Moldova Wiwi Jury, we have 17 jurors but only room for 5 reviews. The rest of our scores can be found below: 

Bernardo: 4.5/10

Bogdan: 6/10

Chris: 4/10

Cinan:  5.5/10

Dayana: 4.5/10

Deban:  3.5/10

Josh: 5/10

Kristin: 5/10

Robyn:  4.5/10

Sami:  3/10

William: 5/10

Zakaria:  4/10







Before calculating the average score, the highest and lowest scores are dropped. This is to remove outliers and reduce potential bias. We have removed a low of 2 and a high of 6.

Wiwi Jury Verdict: 4.37/10


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5 years ago

This song is just going nowhere.

5 years ago

Too bad there’s always criticism getting in the way when it comes to Supernova. 🙁